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NHL 2008 Created Player Problem?

Hi, well i just got NHL 2008 and it's awsome. I'm having a problem with my created character though. I want to put him on the montreal canadians team. I out him at 99 in everything. When i go to rooster then rooster management or wtv, and i click him and the montreal team it says that his salary is to big for the team or something like that.. how can i get him on the team with everything at 99???

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    You can't unless you sacrifice other good players on the team. That's kinda the point. they don't want you making a team of players with everything at 99- that's pointless. they want you making realistic players and building a team....

    but if you really want to, try making the rest of the team out of AHL talent.

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    yea i hate that now its prob in season or dynasty mode, they did the same thing in madden so its not like stacked and fun. well trade some other guys for cheaper people

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    ok i can help you. you do NOT want to put him in your teams rooster, but instead put him the the teams ROSTER...

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