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Is Fred Thompson the secong G.W.Bush?

I happened to listen to his speeches. The man,really,sounds beign far from politics and not that intelligent. He can't answer any question regarding the political prospect of the US or how to develop our economy.

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    Nah, Maybe he's finally the candidate that isn't going to make a bunch of false promises that can't even be carried out by the president. Maybe he understands that he doesn't have access to all the info and therefore can't give an accurate's still very early.. give him a little time.

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    From what little I've seen of him (one debate and a bit on CSPAN, I think), the gist of his campaigning seems to be based on his red pickup and trying to come across as the "second coming of Reagan". When it comes down to the issues though, there's no substance to him, only nostalgia for Reagan and cute quips to hide that he is basically clueless on problems and viable solutions.

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    Sounds like a clone of BUSH, but older than dirt.

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    I don't think so. I see him more as the second Ronny Reagan, he's already senile. Maybe his trophy wife can snap him out of it.

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    No. Fred isnt that slimy.

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