T. rex hypothosis?

What do you think of the hypothosis that T. rex was a scavenger?

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    Yes I am familiar with this, it is championed by Jack Horner. He believes T. rex sense of smell was too good so it must have used it to sniff out carcasses. I have seen him talk about this and he seems quite full of himself with an unwillingness to listen to counter theories.

    The real accepted theory is that like most top sized predators it probably mixed scavanging with predatory behaviour. Take a Tiger as our modern example, given the chance it will chase lesser animals off thier kill and even feed upon a found corpse; but the Tiger will also and usually condict hunts. This can be said for the many apex predators like Bears, big Cats, and the Dogs, aswell as predatory fish.

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    Aesthetically it seemed to me at first a little offensive. I'd grown up with the idea of this being to dinosaurs what the lion is to mammals - A sort of magnificent and ferocious predator.

    I believe this originally came about due to arguments about the T-rex's ability to run fast. The estimates varied by quite a large amount. Those who reached slow speeds would conclude that it was a scavenger and those that felt it could run at great speed concluded it was a predator. I think the problem was that many people had a theory and then looked for ways to justify it.

    It's also notable that predator and scavenger aren't mutually exclusive. Many studies have been done about the relationship between lions and hyenas in the african plains. if there are a group of five lions eating a zebra and a pack of 15 hyenas show up, the lions will have to leave. If 5 lions show up and there are 5 hyenas that have made a kill, the hyenas will flee and the lions will become scavengers.




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    It makes sense because it had a large lobe in the brain designed for smelling a.k.a. smelling carcasses. And, based on leg bones, it is determined it walked very slowly. But I still like the idea of t-rex as a hunter.

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