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V for Vendetta?

Who is V?

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    Exactly that: Vendetta against governmental corruption and public oppression of one's freedoms and rights. That "V" can also stand for Victory for defeating such corrupt governmental entities.

    In the film, it's my take that "V" was likely some poor soul who was taken against his will and subjected to illegal medical genetic experimentation.

    For some reason, I gather "V" was a private citizen--a well versed male teacher. Given his intellect, "V" escaped from the private covert lab he was confined in, went underground--where he found sanctuary....and began the study of demolitions and martial arts. "V" clearly had the focused goal of becoming a lethal weapon aimed at freeing innocent citizens.

    Whether "V" was a anti-hero or terrorist is left to the viewer.

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    V is for Vendetta ! The man ! Big Brother....sssh..... Their reading this text. Bye !!!

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    Hugo Weaving played the part of V.

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    The kewlest mo-fo to hit the silver screen in a long while.

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