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why did JK Rowling create the character Albus Dumbledore gay??

i think its nonsense..putting a gay character to grab the attention of readers is so lame. not to mention most of harry potter's fans are kids. what is the value of all this?

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    i've always felt that harry potter is a great story and everytime i read it feel like i'm on another planet but now after the crone announced that dumbledore is gay she ruined everything

    i mean i don't understand i thought (harry potter ) was for kids

    (well it's not anymore.)

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    Okay, to all you people saying that J.K. Rowling ruined Harry Potter by announcing that Dumbledore was gay, and that it's not for kids anymore, just listen to this:

    1. Until J.K. Rowling announced that Dumbledore was gay, YOU HAD NO IDEA! So kids reading it won't either! That's just normal logic, people!

    2. Harry Potter is rated PG-13. Know why? Cause it contains violence, minimal swearing, and minimal explicit content. It may seem that the books are cleaner, and they are, but honestly, seventeen-year-old boys and girls in a castle together for a year, and no mention of sex whatsoever? You've got to be naive to believe that.

    If you still believe this stupid question, think again.

    God dammit.

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    In my opinion it is because she just needs the attention of the readers sh ejust feels that she will be forgotten though Harry Potter will remain famous. Tsk I used to be a fan until today she has come so low why? She used to be clever. I mean I have nothing against gay people nor gay couples and I completely understand her urge to be rebelous but omg children are also reading that book. There is also the fact that even adults felt that Albus was the manly figure of the book who helped everyone and now it is all ruined. Think about that she said that she was just making things clear aout the Harry Potter books.... making things clear????? What is trying to sell? When most undersood that Albus was straight and nothing mentioned in that book could mean that he was gay. Tsk and t think that I thought and I was actually sure about it that Albus Dumbledore had a relationship with Minerva McGonagall and maybe they were even married. Anyway I think she just needs attention and she said herself that she wanted to provoke christians even more(she claims that she had already provoked them as she was accused of promoting, dunno if this is the right word anyway, witchcraft). She just ruined a small piece of the world that she created not by saying Albus Dumbledore was gay but also by saying that it was supposed to be clear to every reader. I think that she needs DESPERATELY THE ATTENTION OF THE READERS AND THE PRESS.

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    i guess she is trying to be realistic, it is unlikely that someone would not encounter a gay person in their life, who they were at least semi close to or knew well. it is fairly common these days and i have lived in the same small town all my life. im sure it is even more common in bigger cities. she is trying to show tolerance i think, and she is trying to relate to ppl like she has been the whole series. harry didnt fit in..pplo relate to that, there are ppl who arent sure who they are (sexuality or otherwise) and it shows that nobody is perfect and we all have issues.

    personally, i dont think this was the place to teach these lessons but i still love the series.

    some are saying it was a publicity stunt but i think it could have been planned

    i was rereading the first book this morning before i heard this news and i noted that dumbledore shot several purple sparks out of his wand when trying to gain the students attention after quirrell said there was a troll in the dungeons. i remember thinking "huh wonder why she chose purple.." but it never crossed my mind that he was gay. but after i saw the news on fox a little bit agoi remembered that he wore purple robes too in one book. maybe she has had this planned out from book one, it seems likely, especially with the grindelwald bit. we know why dumbledore went against his own beliefs to side with grindelwald, and why he was hesitant to face him.

    the problem i see now is that it gives the Christians who oppose this book more reason to do so.

    I'm a Christian and I love the books. I am upset that other Christians think it is "devil worshiping" when they have not read it. I could go on and on about the religious underlie in the books, but I wont, but she even put a couple of Bible versus in the books though, plus she is Christian as well

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    I am not at all sure there is any value in these statements of hers. JK said something about 'promoting tolerance,' and as we all know an author's characters are hers to use as she sees fit...

    I just think she's gone over the top on this one, with its accompanying quotes. And though there is not a thing wrong with being gay, I think Rowling is wrong to make it into a publicity stunt, which I believe this one is.

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    In her tour she has been making off the cuff statements, and changing future forecasts for the characters.

    She has also said that she doesn't understand why people want so much background info on the characters.

    So as this isn't in the books, I think you can ignore it, and her statements. I know I'm ignoring the epilogue as it is too neat.

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    ..Eventually all the kids grow up a few years and find out all the meanings to the words..and what do they know about gay if they don't know the meaning?? How do they know how Dumbledore acts or notice something if they dont know what gay is?

    And JK Rowling its her idea, she wrote it so guess she could do anything she wants i guess..^^

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    being gay has nothing to do with Dumbledore's character. It doesn't change who he was, or how we should view him. If he had had a long lost love affair with a girl, would it matter? No. So don't worry about it...just as in the real world, some people are doesn't change who they are as people. deal with it. As for the issue of kids...there is nothing wrong with being gay. It is a non issue in the books, anyway, so there is no issue with it. I think you have more to worry about Ron and Hermione kissing, to explain that to kids, than the fact that Dumbledore was gay.

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    Probably just to be controversial, and to make people angry. No doubt it will raise book sales and keep people talking about HP for a long while still. I'm not a fan, but I'm sure there are many fans who are bothered by the news.

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    Why do you care?

    I havent read the books, but I am pretty sure there is no mention of his sexuality in them.

    Why dont you worry about bigger things than whether or not a fictional character in a book is gay.

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