When did the usage of word " ***" for describing a person's posterior start?

" kick in the ***" etc,. there are many words in which the word " ***" is used to denote the Butt/Posterior of a person.

The dictionary meaning of *** is very different. this colloqial usage of this word to denote one's behind, when did it start? In my opinion it's not more than 20 years. Please corroborate.


The word *** in actually used as a synonym for an animal; Donkey

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    I always thought it was Anglo Saxon. Most four letter 'swear' words are. However, it doesn't have a hard vowel sound as the rest of them do, so maybe I'm wrong.

    Actually it's Old English:-

    buttocks," O.E. ærs "tail, rump," from P.Gmc. *arsoz (cf. O.N. ars, M.Du. ærs, Ger. Arsch "buttock"), cognate with Gk. orros "tail, rump, base of the spine," Hittite arrash, Arm. or "buttock," O.Ir. err "tail." A--e-hole first attested c.1400 as arce-hoole. Arsy-versy "backside foremost" first attested 1539.

    Source(s): Etymological dictionary.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Beats me why....but then again, no one accuses me of being a dumb azz........

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