sprained ankle still hurting for almost 3 weeks,what should i do?

I sprained my ankle playing basketball 2 and a half weeks ago.the first day when I sprained it i couldnt walk on it at all.the next day i was hopping on it and eventually it healed but its not 100%.I can walk and everything but it still kinda hurts when I turn or put my foot in certain positions.it doesnt hurt that much but i thought the pain would be fully gone after 2 weeks.should I go get it checked out or should I give it a little longer to see if the pain goes away?

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    I think maybe you didn't give it enough time initially to rest and so it will take longer, When it first happened did you Ice and elevate and rest, after 48 hrs you can use heat and elevate and rest, if it is not discolored and not swollen and only hurts when you move it a certain way, I would check with your basketball coach or team trainer for some suggestions on some mild excersizes especially aimed at strengthening the area that hurts and after exercise, Ice 20 min on and off an hour and elevate as much as you can and still remain an active person. If after all that it still hurts enough to bother you or limit your usual activety I would ask your family Doc to look at it. Also during this time of healing I myself would take an OTC anti inflamatory.

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    An injury like that takes a long long time to heal, and it will probably always ache from time to time now, especially when it gets cold. I encourage you to stay off of it as much as you can for a few weeks longer. Flex it, stretch it gently so long as it's not painful to do so, and don't run or play on it until it heals some more. If it is especially swollen or feels hot to the touch, yeah, go see a doc. Otherwise, just be kind to it while it heals.

    If it hurtsa lot to flex the ankle, especially if the pain is sharp or extreme, go to the doctor! If you have good medical insurance anyway, why not have it checked out? If you can't really afford to run off to the doctor for every little thing (which I totally understand), then I think (so long as the pain isn't extreme and there isn't a lot of swelling or heat like I mentioned) that it's safe to just self-treat it with rest, elevate it when you can to reduce swelling, and avoid running and playing basketball for awhile longer. Walking should be okay IF it doesn't hurt to walk. If it hurts, STOP. Let pain be your guide with the ankle right now.

    Source(s): 17 years experience as a massage therapist.
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    When we sprain an "ankle" what we have really done is stretched the tendons and ligaments beyond their stretch capacity. This, of course, creates tenderness, pain, stiffness and an inability to use the ankle. The best remedy is rest, elevation, ice to control swelling, heat to promote healing and alternate Tylenol and Advil for pain control. Finally, having it looked at may be a good idea. Good Luck

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    ice for the first 72 hours, then heat

    did you go to a doctor to start out with?

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    uhhh did you ice it at all? that's a given for pretty much any athletic injury....I think

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