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Carol Baker EYE liner, did you hear of Carol Baker Eye liner? thx?

Lasts all day, Plus what is the product ? Somebody suggested Arabian. heard of the liner lately. the Toronto Spa offers the liner. Is the liner on - line someplace? thnx

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    It's actually Caryl Baker. You can order the liner online at I prefer her gel liner (Purple Peridot is a great color), but the waterproof eyeliner is good as well. It's a good line, but nothing to write home about. To me it's comparable to Merle Norman Cosmetics, just a mall type line.

    But, one thing I do like about this line is the fact that they give you a free makeover, in which they spend about an hour giving you a complete skin analysis and beauty makeover. I'm not from Canada, but I have a friend in Toronto who wears nothing but Caryl Baker, primarily because of their skincare line, which I think is great.

    Source(s): I'm a makeup artist.
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    Nope. Where is it for sale? Is it a khol or a regular pencil?

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