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I Need Answers..Who do I start for week 7??

I play in a +1 reception league +1 every 20 Yards..I have R.Moss,D.Stallworth starting but not sure about my 3rd..S.Holmes,J.Cotchery,R.Curry..I'd appreciate your opinion...

1 more I got Eli Manning aginst SF or Donavan McNabb against the Bears..Who should i start for week 7??

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    WR: Jerricho Cotchery - If your league has +1 on receptions also, he is the guy.

    QB: Eli Manning - 49ers defense is bad, and Manning is having huge numbers this season.

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    I would probably say Holmes in any other situation but this one. The Steelers are going to run the hell out of the ball against the worse rush defense in the league in Denver. Curry has the Chiefs who are pretty tough against the pass plus the Raiders are having an identity crisis at QB. So, Cotchery is your best bet against a terrible Bengals defense. Plus, start Manning. Your fine either way but Manning is facing just a bad team all the way around in the 49'ers and he has been very good this year.

  • Gman
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    Start Holmes vs. Denver KC has a tough pass D against Curry and Cincy will keep every Jets receiver in check plus Pennington Sucks.

    Start Manning although McNabb is not a bad start either. I say Manning.

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    Cotchery- Holmes may get shut down by Denver's great corners.

    McNabb- Manning's wideouts are old and McNabb is due for a big game, especially against the weak Chicago secondary.

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    WR-Holmes. Big Ben is the best QB option as far as your WR's go(Cotchery has Pennington, Curry has Culpepper).

    QB-McNabb. The Bears are banged up and McNabb will definately take advantage of it.

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    I say holmes and im trying to decide between eli and Donavan too and Romp but I think ill stick with romo to bad u dont have romo but id take eli

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    Cotchery and Emily Manning. Ya... thats right... I said it! EMILY!

    The Cincy and Niners defenses aren't going to shut down anyone. They are the best picks there.

    James Writer

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    go with holmes he is probly the most likely to get you points

    then deffintly eli, bears defence is too good although mcnabb will still score high i think eli is the safer bet

  • 3 years ago

    Favre, he has been greater consistent and has been on fireplace at present. Romo is purely hasn't been appropriate and is enjoying a good Falcons secondary. Steelers have a greater appropriate protection yet Favre looks to play nicely against the Steelers, so i could p.c.. Favre.

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    i would advise not picking anyone with the last name manning for anything. if you want a lot of points the pats are playing Miami this weekend take Brady

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