How do you solve a 4 x 4 matrix ?

if the matrix is 3 x 3

a b c

d e f

g h i


(aei) + (dhc) + (bfg) - (ceg) - (fha) - (bdi)


what if its 4 x 4 ?

a b c d

e f g h

i j k l

m n o p

it it

(afkp) + (bglm) + (chin) + (ejod) - (dgjm) - (hkna) - (cfip) - (belo) ????

thanks in advance, I hope I made the question clear enough to not take up too much of your time.

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    1 decade ago
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    You have to do it in a few stages - first,

    |f, g, h | * a, and the same for the other values in the top row, will

    |j, k, l | be added up.

    |n, o, p|

    You then solve each 3 * 3 matrix individually. It's a long, drawn out, irritating process

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