Any Ron Paul supporters care to speak up for Mike Gravel?

Straight-talking Democratic candidate Mike Gravel is being denied participation in the next Democratic debate.

Seeing as many Gravel supporters wish Dr. Paul good luck in his bid on the Republican side, naming him as their second choice, are there any Paul supporters who are willing to email MSNBC in support of Gravel? Gravel is the thorn in the side of the Democrat establishment, as Paul is for the Republicans, but it looks like the Barillary machine is cracking down on Democratic dissent.

Lend your voice in favor of a Paul vs. Gravel general election!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am writing in regards to the exclusion of Senator Mike Gravel from the October 30th Democratic debate in Philadelphia. I have read that Mr. Gravel will not be allowed to participate because he did not meet fund-raising and polling requirements. This is yet another prime example of how money continues to corrupt our political system. This is not government by the people, it’s government by the people with money.

    To exclude a presidential candidate from a presidential debate is baffling to me. How does this allow the voting public to make an informed decision about who they feel would be the best candidate for president? Aren’t these debates publicized on national television to allow the public to hear each candidates stance on issues? Aren’t they done to help the voting public make an informed decision about who they will support for president? Or, are they merely protocol?

    In a democracy where the power to make decisions, especially for presidential elections, should be vested in the people, how can you take away our right to hear what every candidate has to say. The amount of money a candidate raises tells us nothing about how well that candidate would perform in office so let us hear what every candidate, including Senator Mike Gravel, has to say; allow us to choose the best candidate to lead our country. Please allow Senator Gravel to participate in the October 30th, 2007 Democratic debate in Philadelphia.

  • 3 years ago

    Sorry yet neither candidate has a snowball's risk in AZ to get the nomination. How can Paul be a thorn in anybody's ingredient on the grounds that he's a meaningless candidate? the only good ingredient approximately Gravel is that he isn't any longer Hillary. do no longer carry your breath for the two one to get the nomination, to no longer instruct having a Ron/Gravel adventure-up. this shouldn't take place.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry but neither candidate has a snowball's chance in AZ to get the nomination. How can Paul be a thorn in anyone's side since he is a meaningless candidate? The only good thing about Gravel is that he's not Hillary.

    Don't hold your breath for either one to get the nomination, let alone having a Ron/Gravel match-up. It's not going to happen.

  • 1 decade ago

    its sad, every canidate should get an equal oppurtunity.

    He speaks truth as well

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