Who should i choose peter or perry?

Well ok there's this guy name peter and this other guy name perry. Well before the summer and well peter and i had a major fight but that was when i had a crush on peter and i was going to tell him but then he got into a fight with me so i decided not to but hten after him and his girlfriend broke up we talked again and my crush developed and then like then we had another fight it was about one of his ex and he said"hey do you think me and "blank" still have a chance?" and when i heard that i was really sad and then like i didnt want to answer his question and he thought i was ignoring him so he told me to just be quiet and so i started to cry and hung up and then one of my friend call and told him that i liked him and he said he feels bad and then like on autum moom festevial i saw perry one of my classmate and he was really nice to me and stuff and in school he talks to me alot and now i dont really know who i should pick they both go to my school and i like them both(crush).. help


Umm well ok well yeah i see you guys have a point i liked peter first and then he killed my feelings, but then after we talked more teh crush came back. But then it was put off again, and thats when perry came along and started acting nice to me and he was really a nice guy to me he would talk to me and hang out he knows when im sad and when im not but lately i dont really know who to pick becus right now i kinda have a crush on both. and i noe that asking the internet isnt a good idea but i just need some help most of my friends dont noe cus im afraid they going to make a big deal and i dont want them to get worried. so yeah.

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    Did they ever teach about "run-on" sentence in school?

    If you ever have a crush on more than one person at a time, it's because you don't really know what it is. Just 'cause Perry was nice to you? So, you fall for anyone who is polite? Perry is the rebound guy. It's Peter you like and felt crushed when he found someone else. Don't hurt Perry by leading him. If you really want Peter than let him know and stick to it. I mean don't stalk him but, don't get think you're falling for people that are just nice to you and stuff.

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    You should do what your heart tells you. Truley I would pick Perry because he has a little bit more feelings than Peter. Go with your heart and notice more when they are around so you know what to do?

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    If you need advice from the internet, you obviously aren't ready for the world of love and dating. Take some time out to yourself and figure out who you really are before you throw yourself into the arms of whatever guy looks at you. The biggest advice I can give is that you have to love yourself before you can love others.

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    hey i have to agree with djfooroa if u don't know who u think would be better for u and take care of u better and i mean u really don't know i agree u should not be dating cuz like he said got to love yourself before u can let someone else love ya well good luck sorry could not be much help!!

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  • Well i dont understand that at all....but perrys a gay name so pick peter

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