How do I permanently remove a tracking cookie?

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Every day I get one and every day I remove it.
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Every site you go to leaves a cookie, go to the website below and download and install the free program and read how it works it will clean up your computer activity's , just run it every time your done with your computer and it will keep your pc clean


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Thanks,I've downloaded CCcleaner
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  • Mickey L answered 7 years ago
    You can set your browser to not accept cookies or you can increase the security settings to inform you every time a cookie is trying to loaded into your browser. Here is how.

    Disabling your cookies in Internet Explorer

    1. Load your Internet Explorer 3.0 to 4.x.
    2. Click the View menu tab
    3. Choose the Advanced option
    4. Click Never accept cookie, block cookies or Warn me before accepting cookies

    Disabling your cookie history in Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater

    1. Load your Internet Explorer web browser
    2. Click the View menu tab
    3. Choose Internet Options
    4. Select the Privacy Tab Click Advanced
    5. Click Never accept cookie, block cookies or Warn me before accepting cookies.
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  • Belgariad answered 7 years ago
    You can increase the security level of your PC but that makes it very hard to download anything.
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  • Charley Horse answered 7 years ago
    You can block ALL "Third Party Cookies" (adware/spyware/tracking) by following the instructions in the link below.
    Once you have changed your settings to block the third party cookies you will need to delete the ones all ready on your computer. Be sure to block on ALL accounts on the computer.

    A good program to remove the undesired cookies and clean the rest of your computer is Ccleaner. Generally, most major antispyware programs will remove the cookies, too.
    Remove temporary files, logs, cookies, etc. by using Ccleaner. Do not use "Advanced Settings" or the "Issues" button. Use only the default settings.
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  • Karen V answered 7 years ago
    If you have an antivirus, usually they have a maintain computer button. If you click on it, it will clear all of your cookies. Also, I'm can't remember exactly where you go but you can go somewhere in the computer, it's where you go to defrag and you can clear out cookies from there. I'd have to be in my computer to be able to look and then explain but unfortunately I'm at work and we don't have windows. We have Linnux and I have no idea how to maintain that system. LOL. Good luck. I hope I was able to help at least a little. :)
    You know, also, as long as your browsing the internet you will always have tracking cookies. They're just about on every website you go to. Just be careful.


    Personal experience.
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  • Fållen Angel® answered 7 years ago
    you could figure out what site ur getting it from and block cookies from that site in internet properties ... but it may be the site wont work right or let u sign in without it ..
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  • kasonhunt answered 7 years ago
    set your browser to not accept cookies from the site that gives them to you and/or use an antispyware program with a real time scanner
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