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Can my wirelss internet connetion to my ps3 be disrupted in any way???

my wireless router which is connected 2 my ps3 is on one floor and my ps3 is in another. is it possible to have a connection problem?

(i have the standard speed router)

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    Yes, Wi-fi uses a shared frequency range. The range is shared by cordless phones, and some other cordless devices. If you have a computer (laptop preferably) with wifi near your PS3, you can check the signal strength vs the interference with a program called Network Stumbler ( If you detect interference you can login to your router via it's IP address using a browser and change the channel your wifi runs on, this can stop the interference. Another way to stop interference is to move your router away from large steel objects or cordless equipment or attach an antenna to your wireless router to increase it's signal strength.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no but you have to keep the router and the ps3 in a limited distance. then the internet will work better and faster on the ps3.

    Source(s): owner of ps3 and a router
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  • glista
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    There should be no problem. At least, not that I know of.

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