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whats the best improvment from one album to the next?

for me it's either 1. tha carter to tha carter 2..the carter was straight horrible...carter two was a decent album....2. That first Fugees album (it was horrible) to "The Score"..3. That first RZA album (can't think of name--it was terrible), to the second one (dammit--cant think of that name either), but it was damn good....4. strictly for my n.i.g.g.a.z. (or whatever it was called--it was horrible) to (me agianst the world--decent album) or 5. All eyez on me (kinda good album) to the 7 day theory (classic)..

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    the red light district to......release therapy

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    Strictly For my N.i.g.g.a.z to Me Against The World (a classic) was a huge step foward for Pac.

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    The album Lil Wayne did before the Carter to The Carter.

    I think The Carter was his best album in my opinion.

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    no doubt, nastradamus to stillmatic. ether + one mic > every track on nastradamus

    and bum rush show to it takes a nation of millions to hold us back. epic improvement, considering they found the 'public enemy' sound on it takes a nation. Similarly with eminem's infinite to slim shady EP, on infinite it seemed like he was trying to fit in, and then he finally let loose on ss EP, which gave rise to his sound.

    oh and back for the first time to word of mouf, not a huge improvement, but he got wittier. credit where its due and all that. And the listening to the minstrel show, the listening wasn't a crap album actually it was amazing, but i felt like in the minstrel show they matured and refined their message.

    GZA's words from the genius to liquid swords, better beats, better lyrics, better production, better in every way, being in the wu helped him grow and this album is a reflection of that.

    Blah i cant think of anymore.

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    Dynasty to the Blueprint

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    Eminem's albums ...."Slim Shady LP" and "Marshall Mathers LP" were good. But "The Eminem Show " is on a whole 'nutha level. Classic album

  • Nas Nasturdramus ( I'm like the only one who actually like this LP ) to Stillmatic

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    Def Leppard High N' Dry to Pyromania. They want from being an avarage sounding english band to rock legends in one album.

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    Nastradamus to Stillmatic. Nas getting back to his roots and keepin his career alive.

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    I know nobody will agree with me on this. Jeezy. Inspiration was a major step up. His production was hotter and he stepped his lyrical game up (ok jeezy dont have lyrics, but you know what I mean) .

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    The Game- Documentarty ---> Doctors advocate much better

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