Violate Trademark?

Would registering violate any trademark laws? I'm think the MPAA might think so and I do want the incident I heard with Volkswagen in the past.


does it matter if its "nc-17media" or "nc-17media"

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    nc17 is a trademark of MPAA AFIK.

    Since they have plenty of lawyers, you can bet they would pursue it - in fact they are obligated to under trademark laws under the risk of losing the trademark altogether.

    That is why small fry trademark cases are pursued with the same vigor usually reserved for big fish.

    Probably they have a software program review all new registry entries for a match agaisnt their trademarks, so it will be brought to their attention rapidly, maybe before you could even get a web site up.

    Anyway, you can read your domain name registry's policies on this sort of thing, but they will not likely go to bat for you in what is sure to be a losig case at every level.

    Source(s): I am a digital media industry analyst
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    Why not start by doing a search?

    Go to - there is a FAQ section, and also the ability to search whatever else is out there.

    You may also wish to contact an attorney for guidance. Good luck.

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