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Christians, please restore my faith?

I may be losing my faith after reading this, please restore my faith and help me:

Tell me how Jesus was real!

No atheists please!

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    I'm not sure why you would put more "faith" in some strange website than in the Bible which has historical validity and has been studied by thousands of scholars.

    The existence of Jesus is documented by the Bible (and the Koran) and by secular historians of his time (Josephus). You have to decide for yourself if he was fully God & fully Man. He said he was. So, if he is NOT divine, that means . . .

    1. That he was a liar. Why would he lie? What did he get out of it for himself except a painful death on the cross?

    2. That he was a lunatic. But no one of that time, including those who did not accept him as savior, seems to have believed that.

    As CS Lewis said, he was either a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord.

    The best way for you to answer your questions about God is to take those questions to Him. Pray about them sincerely. Ask Him to reveal himself to you. Also, read the Bible.

    He loved you & died for you. He will give you eternal life. Let Him in.

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    If you're going to read that and lose your faith over it, then read this:

    and have your faith restored.

    Jesus was real. He was a real human, who walked on this earth among real people, ate with them, laughed with them and cried with and for them. Out of his love for you, Tom B., he suffered a horrible torture and death on a cross, so that you could be reconciled to God, forgiven of your sins, and go to heaven to be with Him forever.

    There are always going to be countless people who say that Jesus never existed, or was just a man, but if you read the Bible, you will see that the picture of Jesus is that of a real man, and if you read what he said about himself, it will strengthen your faith. But it is ultimately up to you to decide what you believe and stick with it - otherwise you are like a boat without oars, being tossed about when the waves come up...

    Blessings and peace to you, through Our Lord and Savior, JESUS.

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    There are very, very many false gods in the world trying to lure and tempt people from the love and mercy of the one true God.

    Don't fall prey to their temptations. Go with what you know to be true. Rejoice in the knowledge of the love and mercy of God, and in the covenant of the New Testament for the salvation of the eternal soul thru His Son, Jesus.

    Propaganda is propaganda. Reality is reality. But, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the two.

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    Jesus was real. Mankind has always looked for a legitimate means of reconciling itself with God, so the pagan cultures did have their own saviors. Jesus is the only way to be at peace with God.

    Read the Old Testament; it talks about Jesus.

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    Tom.... Thank you for the Link, but, you should not look to mankind to restore your faith but to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit....all of us will pass away...they will be with you constant.

    As for what you showed us, satan WANTS to be "GOD" and mimicks everything God does.... Bible speaks about this very clearly in OT.

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    Didn't read it don't have to... I am sure the Devil has placed some good sounding stuff in it.

    We all stumble and we all go though valleys, but th Lord is there to pick us up and carry us when we do. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your soul, body and mind so you can reject Satan.

    In Christ

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    Many religions might have interpreted the story differently

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    Satan gives power to heal also.. Satan has powers and uses them to mock God. look at the comparisons of Christs return and the anti Christ coming to power they are about the same but the anti Christ and all his followers will be destroyed But the real Christ and his followers will reign for ever.,

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    You can't compare Jesus to anyone I'm sorry to say. He died for our sins and he is alive. He ascended to heaven, answers prayer and lives with and within us.

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    satan confused by creating false versions of Jesus


    the pope



    old story new twist

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