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who were the sisters that sang possible in the early 80's one was big and had lost alot of weight?

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    Wilson Phillips ;Carnie Wilson had gastric bypass & lost a ton of weight & has maintained that loss for years,even after having a baby,Her sisters name is Wendy,I believe.They are the daughters of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys & China Phillips who is the daughter of Michelle & John Phillips from The Mamas & The Papas & is married to one of the Baldwin brothers was the other member of WilsonPhillips,they're biggest song was Hold On

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    That was Ann Wilson from Heart...

    Wilson Philips was a 90's band, not an 80's band.

  • Carnie and Wendy Wilson from Wilson Phillips. I believe Carnie was the one with the weight problem.

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    That'd be Wilson Phillips. Carnie Wilson was very heavy and had gastric bypass surgery, and lost a huge amount of weight.

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    Was it Wilson Philips?

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    the judds

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