Can a married person apply for a mortgage without having to put spouse on loan application?

My boyfriend and I would like to get married by the end of the year however I'm currently trying to purchase a home this spring.

Being that my single martial status helps me qualify for many grants, I'm worried that if I get married this year, by the time I'm ready to get approved for my home loan, I won't qualify for the grants since my income would change, making me ineliglible.

Is it possible for me to still buy a home without having to supply my spouse's income or having to put him on the loan application?

Does anyone know if grants are available to marriage couples whose income would be considered middle class?

Serious responses only!!


I forgot to mention, we live in Wisconsin so if you're familiar with the mortgage application process, please share what you know. :) Thanks.

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    Don't know about grants but you do not have to include your spouses income on the loan. In some states however, you are required to put your spouse on the title which may effect your grants. A lot of mortgage loans only have one spouse on the loan if they have sufficient income. Many will do the mortgage with whoever has the best credit for a more favorable interest rate, again if the one person's income qualifies.

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    If you’re getting married in the summer, but buy in the spring you won’t have a “spouse” when you buy. Even so, as long as one spouse qualifies for the mortgage alone, they don’t have to apply together.

    Things to keep in mind:

    If you’re the only one on the mortgage (i.e. the only one legally responsible for payments) are you going to put your boyfriend/spouse on title? That gives him half the house without legally requiring him to pay any part of the mortgage.

    Are you going to put anything in writing between the two of you that says he will pay part of the mortgage?

    I’m not trying to imply that your relationship will fall apart, but it is important to protect yourself when dealing with an investment of this nature.

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    Do everything in your name, while single if possible. Take advantages of what ever grants you can get, free money. If things don't work out for the two of you at least you will have the house. Once you are married he basically owns half any way and if doing a joint application will benefit you can always refi later on.

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    As far as the mortgage is concerned you absolutely can do that. As far as the grant it depends on the requirements of the specific grants you are getting. Ask whomever is providing you the grants about their restrictions or qualifications.

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    I think you CAN do that

    sometimes people go for a soft second mortgage I think

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