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Days of our lives?

Why was John killed off the show

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    Reports have been circulating that daytime actor Drake Hogestyn has been fired from NBC's long-running soap opera, Days of our Lives. Although a representative for the show has denied the claims, many are still speculating about his departure, not only because of the changes done behind-the-scenes, but also because Hogestyn has been very vocal about his dissatisfaction with the series.

    Hogestyn, who plays John Black on Days of our Lives, has worked on the series for more than 20 seasons. For the unfamiliar, Hogestyn's Black spent most of his time on-screen lying comatose on a hospital bed. His character finally regained consciousness in May, but since then, has not received a substantial amount of airtime.

    In June, Drake Hogestyn spoke about his discontent with Days of our Lives during a fan event, which in turn intensified rumors of his departure.

    "At some point, everybody is going to leave the show," Hogestyn said. "I have six months left on my contract, so… After 20 years of throwing fan club gatherings, this is the final mission. The reality of it is, sooner or later, you're at the tail [end] of your talent cycle, whether it be here or somewhere else."

    On the other hand, a spokesperson for Days of our Lives has insisted that Drake Hogestyn has not been let go from the show, though two popular soap magazines have already questioned the actor's future with the daytime drama. Some internet sites view the representative's statement as network-ordered publicity, while Hogestyn has yet to say whether he will be willing to renew his contract when it expires.

    Aside from his work-related troubles, Hogestyn also experienced some problems in his personal life early this year. As 2006 was drawing to a close, a crazed fan stormed into his house, holding a bible and proclaiming his mission to exorcise the actor. Hogestyn said that the fan was calling him by his character's name, and believed that he was being possessed by the devil. The fan underwent sentencing in February.

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    I fear it is because Days is running out of time. The ratings are horrid. I think they're just trying to save money as they come to the end. Sad.


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    contract dispute. Drake thought he was worth more than he was. It is however Days and they bring back people all the time. So no one is ever really dead on this show.

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    there was a rumor that he was fired I guess that his being killed off confirms this what a shame he was my favorite on the show I am going to miss him I loved the way he said "now that's a fact"

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    because it's days of our lives...c'mon


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    this is why! You'll love it...

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