what to eat before heavy alcohol drinking?

playing 40 hands tomorrow (equivalent to like 9 1/2 beers). just wondering whats good to eat before lots of drinking (besides water). e.g. is bread good, vegetables, etc?

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    No! Drinking a lot of beer is like consuming lots of bread or other carbs. So is consuming any other carb or sugar based liquor, which means nearly all of them.

    The only way to even PARTIALLY protect your stomach, liver, and brain from alcohol consumption is to consume lots of saturated fat and protein before imbibing. My favorite recipes for this both include liver, a dense, rich protein with excellent levels of cholesterol and fat.

    Recipe #1 Bacon-wrapped Chicken Livers

    Get one tub of chicken livers, about 8 ounces.

    Cut the chicken livers apart at the membrane and rinse well.

    Lightly moisten with soy sauce or worchestershire sauce, or sprinkle wth Lawry's Seasoned Salt.

    Wrap each piece in a half slice of raw bacon, and skewer with a toothpick to hold it together.

    Broil for 4 minutes and turn if necessary. Broil 4 minutes more or until bacon is crispy.

    Don't serve with anything. Just eat 'em.

    Recipe #2 Liver Salad

    Lightly steam 4 oz. of beef liver for 8 minutes, coated with onion powder.

    Grate the liver completely or pulse it through a food processor until it has a coarse crumb.

    Add mayonnaise to a soft consisteny. Form into a loaf and garnish with chopped egg.

    Eat with crackers or as a lettuce wrap.

    Don't indulge too often, as drinking is hard on your liver and kidneys, no matter what you do.

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    what to eat before heavy alcohol drinking?

    playing 40 hands tomorrow (equivalent to like 9 1/2 beers). just wondering whats good to eat before lots of drinking (besides water). e.g. is bread good, vegetables, etc?

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    Definitely bread or pasta stuff with absorbent carbs. Chips are good because they are not so filling but bad if they are full of salt because alcohol dehydrates you even more + then you've got the dehydrating salt in there. Pasta can be great but if it's rich or creamy you don't want rich alfredo like sauces with beer. Stick to like a pita or stuff like that. After you're drunk nothing like greasy hamburgers, crackers, or pizza. Actually we usually get nachos or a burrito from Burritos As Big as Your Head or Mickey D's. Take some Tylenol or Alleve & drink as much water/Gatorade as you can before you pass out & you will feel so much better the next day. I can't believe you are taking this type of preperation for a lowly 10 beers but if you know your limit & you are taking precaution that's good atleast. I could drink 10 beers before noon & not be buzzed & I'm a girl.

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    Bread is good to eat before drinking heavily as it absorbs the alcohol. I personally like to eat pizza before drinking. Deep dish pizza is great or even breadsticks with spaghetti. Vegetables won't do much for you. And never have sushi before heavy drinking.

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    Irish soda bread. I had 2 or 3 slices of it that my wife made for a St. Pat's party. I didn't throw up until after maybe 8 beers and 8 shots of Bushmill's in 3 hours.

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    What I have found to work really well is toasted bread with nothing on it. (taste like Sh**) but absorbs the Alcohol.

    Would reccommed eating this after drinking too.

    Mr. B.

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    ok just incase someone else finds this link i'm gonna answer this because its a usefull thing to know and no one seems to understand.

    it doesn't matter what you eat, as long as it has a high fat content. (ie. pizza with lots of cheese / hamburger / sausage / whatever). The reason is simple, by eating high fat content foods your duodenum constricts to prevent flow to the lower intestine (where the alcohol is absorbed). basically the alcohol ends up waiting around in your stomache for a while getting released slower.

    hence the whole wine & cheese thing (well, sorta) anyway, bottom line, eat something fatty before you go drinking and you'll be drinking like a pro ;)

    Source(s): its anatomy, look it up
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    2 hours before you stop partying, stop and drink 2-3 glasses of water. It will sober you up, dilute alcohol, hydrate you, and no headaches(YOU Will go to the bathroom a lot BEFORE you sleep!)

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    A Big Mac Meal with Large Fries and A Water :P Or Juice.

    No joke.

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    protein, a burger and fries is actually a good bet. Anything heavy, also drink LOTS of water. Alcohol absorbs water, NOT FAT. So the more water you have in your body the slower u get wasted.

    This is why men can drink more than women, the muscle in our body hold the water, men naturally have more muslce than women. Therefore take longer to get wasted.

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