dry birth??

Ive been leaking fluids for some time now...i know this could mean my water broke but could this mean i will have a dry birth and what exactly is a dry birth..does it hurt more, less, or about the same...

This is my first child and i'm full of questions about it i read books and look up things online but i want to hear from real people what you people think

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    If you are leaking fluid you should see the doctor. They have a test they can do to see if it is urine or your water leaking.

    If your water is leaking they will either induce you or put you on bed rest depending on how far along you are.

    A dry birth is where the fluid runs all out before the baby is born but this rarely happens because your body keeps producing the water until the baby is born. You could get an infection though so call the doctor right away and let them check you!

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    Dry Birth Baby

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    Hi, my friend had a dry birth and its where you have no contractions so you have to be told when to push. She had very little pain because of having no contractions! As far as that goes a 'dry birth' has nothing to do with the amount of amniotic fluid! If your water has broke you do need to go to delivery because you may get an infection but there are two lots of water you lose when you give birth called front waters and back waters and if you've only lost one of those then you should be ok! Goodluck! XXX

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    Hi Sweetie,

    I am a mom of three. There is no such thing as a "dry" birth. Your amniotic fluid continues to be produced even after the membranes break and the fluid begins to leak. Even if there were no amniotic fluid there is plenty of other wet, slimy, squishy stuff that will be happening during birth. Some people think that childbirth is such a "beautiful , natural " thing, but in all reality... it ain't pretty!! Good luck to you--MissDelanne

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    Water Breaking is completely natural. You are not at risk for either an infection or the mythical dry birth. You should call your doctor for instructions, but don't worry about a dry birth. Your amniotic fluid is constantly replacing itself.

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    i never heard of a dry birth, but i do know that your body produces more water (the amniotic fluid) when you leak or your water breaks, i dont think your baby could survive with no fluid

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    If you think your water has broke you should be at the hospital. Because it will give the baby to have infecton with and most of the time you have to deliver the baby within 24 hours after your water breaks or it will cause you to have serious problems.

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    I don't think I have ever heard of a dry birth.

    If your water has broken you need to call your OBGYN or just go right to the hospital. When your water breaks... basically means its time to have a BABY! CONGRATS!

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    purely 10 to 30 % of females definitely have their waters harm till now exertions. in case your water breaks it ought to be risky and your little one ought to be project to an infection. the little you're able to additionally be in possibility for a nevertheless delivery in case your water breaks because of the fact throughout exertions on a similar time as you have a contraction the amniotic fluid acts as an further pillow to maintain the little one from laying rapidly on his cord and slicing off his very own oxygen and blood furnish. It became greater suitable for you and little one which your water did no longer harm. The water breaks certainly on that is very own throughout exertions. each and every so often they velocity up exertions and harm the bag for you which ones might help exertions come swifter. in the event that they word a drop in little ones coronary heart beat meaning he's on his cord and that's whilst they do an amnio infusion. that's the place they pump fluids in on your womb to act because of the fact the bag of water might have.

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    call your doctor.

    if your water has broken, you could get an infection

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