WHY does the Ouija board move in a "figure 8" fashion??

I WILL CLARIFY one important thing: I DO NOT USE THAT board anymore.

HOWEVER many many yrs. ago, some relatives of mine and I used it and had very strange things happen, but way too much to write about here.

I'm trying to put peice by peice together to understand as much as I can as to what had happened to us {family of 4} many many yrs ago

THIS QUESTION ISN'T for "sceptics"

I NEED experienced ppl who've done the ouija/had actual hauntings take place/bizarre things happen afterwards ...

WHY DID THE OUIJA go {keep goin in a figure 8???}

I still remember that, at the time we were all laughing at the time, but it turned out not to be so funny

NEXT IMPORTANT QUESTION--what did it mean when one of the person's hand kept GOING UP/holding up when they were asleep?!?! They NEVER Did this b4 this.

Just for a couple of weeks following a few ouija sessions

it was just real weird, why did they do that when they were ASLEEP??

remember this was yrs. ago, things have greatly improved


Well, I ALREADY knew 8 is interpreted as, or known as eternity, however would either "good" or "bad" spirit do this?

Update 2:

After a sequence of uncanny events left my sisters and I TERRIFIED to say the least. Our Mother was completely puzzled by all the "coincidences"/many events took place

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    Only lower level entities will ever touch a ouija board, your spirit guides and loved ones will nt, as that would encourage people to keep going and they know how dangerous it is.

    It's good that you stopped.

    Figure 8's might not have had any significant meaning at all. Negative and low levels like to play around emotionally, mentally and psychologically with your mind. Just making random patterns they know they are getting to the people.

    Symbols also carry a lot of energy, and energy holds power. They woul dfake symbols to fake their own power over you and the people using the board. We are obviously more powerful and can banish them quickly by not using the board-so They rely on fear to make people submit to them.

    Some people get so involved with speaking to these low levels that they are inadvertadly letting the entity attach to their own aura. This let's them drain them, and use their energy. It's possible they could try lifting an arm, but the person involved would hav eto somehow be giving it permission big time.

    Other times, spirit guides can do this without permission. Could have been a spirit guide trying to show they were around protecting them.

    Make sure that the space around you is cleansed and pray that all be gone if you havn't already.

    Source(s): Spiritual Medium
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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh, and you may wish to read them over before your next session with the Wonderful Talking Board.

    Never play alone!

    Never let the spirits count down through the numbers or go through the alphabet as they can get out of the board this way.

    If the planchette goes to the four corners of the board it means that you have contacted an evil spirit.

    If the planchette falls from a Ouija board, a spirit will get loose.

    If the planchette repeatedly makes a figure eight, it means that an evil spirit is in control of the board.

    If you should get an evil spirit, quickly turn the planchette upside down and use it that way.

    The board must be "closed" properly or evil spirits will remain behind to haunt the operator.

    Never use the Ouija when you are ill or in a weakened condition since this may make you vulnerable to possession.

    The spirit of the Ouija board creates "wins" for the user, causing him to become more and more dependent on the board. Addiction follows. This is called "progressive entrapment."

    Evil spirits contacted through the Ouija board will try to win your confidence with false flattery and lies.

    Always be respectful and never upset the spirits.

    Never use the Ouija in a graveyard or place where a terrible death has occurred or you will bring forth malevolent entities.

    Witchboards are so named because witches use them to summon demons.

    The very first Ouija boards were made from the wood of coffins. A coffin nail in the center of the planchette window served as the pointer.

    Sometimes an evil spirit can permanently "inhabit" a board. When this happens, no other spirits will be able to use it.

    When using a glass as a message indicator, you must always cleanse it first by holding it over a burning candle.

    Ouija boards that are disposed of improperly, come back to haunt the owner.

    A Ouija Board will scream if you try to burn it. People who hear the scream have less than thirty-six hours to live. There is only one proper way to dispose of it: break the board into seven pieces, sprinkle it with Holy Water then bury it.

    If you must use a Ouija board, make your own. Arrange the letters and numbers, into a circle so whatever is trapped within that circle can't escape.

    If you place a pure silver coin on the board, no evil spirits will be able to come through.

    NEVER leave the planchette on the board if you aren't using it.

    Lecherous spirits from the Ouija board will sometimes ask young women to do rather . . . ah, odd things. Ignore them and always remember that your Ouija partner (i.e. boyfriend) has nothing to do with this

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    4 years ago

    Ouija Board Figure 8

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is a superstition that says whenever the planchette moves in a figure eight, an evil spirit is present.

    Here is a link to a list of Ouija board superstitions:


    Some of the superstitions are of questionable merit, but occasionally, there is some pretty good information there.

    Best Wishes!

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    4 years ago

    The Ouija board moved in the variety 8 because of the fact the 4 of you weren't concentrating a hundred% on the comparable question inflicting a perplexed means.the guy who raised his hand ment in his dream he's at the instant entering into the splendid direction in his genuine existence has no longer something to do with this sport.some human beings sleep stroll or circulate their physique or act as though they weren't snoozing and characteristic comited genuine crimes and bypass a lie detection attempt and have faith that they have got been asleep in mattress.i'm happy you do no longer play this any further.people who mess with this sport could word of persons who died some are desprate to be alive lower back and can opt to circulate into on your physique you're able to be tousled for existence.My brother realy messed his existence up this sort that's as though some thing controls his spirit and he seems out of place he isn't in touch with certainty.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When you play unwittingly in the spirit world, the door is open to almost ANY kind of energy. You were not clear about whether you were frightened or felt threatened or if you were just freaked out by strange events.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Do not use this board...ask Sylvia Brown about that. She's on "The Montel Williams" talk show every Wednesday.

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  • 6 years ago

    is there a possibility of being progressively entrapped without using a board...i had a situation where i was in unfamiliar territory and relied on my own psychic intuitions abilities to bring answers to me...i continued to use this feature of my mind and tap into it, when I stopped using this ability i would become drained...is this possible? additionally, i had evil spirit ghosts telling me they wanted my body, and were going to take it from me...at one point they stated if i wouldn't kill myself so they could have me, they would possess me...when i let go i felt a little part of someone else I had known in my life come into my mind...maybe i've been dabling a bit too much in my own psychic abilities without being able to filter out the "toughies" ie evil spirits...

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is the symbol of eternity, "infinity", keeps that motion till you receive an answer.

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