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Can you convert a DSC home security system to self monitoring?

The system is hard wired, not wireless. Could this be converted with a PLC, and/or computer.

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    It depends on the type of control panel that you have. Most security panels are designed to communicate via a dial-up connection to a central station alarm receiver. They communicate using one of several special protocol that are unique to the alarm industry. Some newer alarm panels also have a serial port or Ethernet port, but these are rare.

    It would probably be quicker and cheaper just to replace the alarm panel with some input/output boards that were PC compatible. There are many sources of these on the Internet.

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    Yes. The EnvisaLink 3 (EV3) is an add on card to the DSC controller, such as, DSC's PC1616 controller. The EV3 is about $100 on Amazon. DSC's monitor(s) is(are) by a door. Mine are a PK5501s. The DSC controller is usually mounted in metal box in a closet. The part number is on the front of the board. Check with EnvisaLink website to see if your controller board is compatible. To install: 1) Use the EV3 to create a paper template for the offset holes. 2) Tape the template to the metal box. 3) Very slowly, using a 3/16" metal drill bit and the template, drill 3 holes in the side of the metal box. 4) Push in the plastic offsets. 5) Install the EV3 board in the metal box on the plastic offsets. 6) Buy Red, Green, Yellow and Black 18-22 gauge AWG wires from Radio Shack or Fry's. Strip 1/4" from both ends of all 4 wires (or you can cut an RJ11 cable and use the wires inside). Flexible twisted wire is better than solid wire. If using twisted wire, then twist ends tightly, which will make it easier to install. 7) Very important - Don't disconnect the battery from the DSC controller. If you disconnect the battery a technician will have to make a service call because the controller will lose its programming. Only disconnect the AC power black wire from the DSC Controller. Be careful not to let the exposed end of the black wire touch anything. I wrapped the end in electrical tape until I finished the next steps. If the black wire touches anything, the transformer will short and you will have to call a service company to replace. 8) Using a very small flat head screw driver, install colored wires into appropriate slots on EV3. 9) One-by-one, loosen red, green, yellow, and black screws on DSC controller but ONLY enough to slide new wires in. 10) Insert wires and tighten. 11) Reinsert AC power to the DSC controller. 12) Using a CAT5e or CAT6 cable connect EV3 to router. 12) Download EV3 self-monitoring software. Follow the directions to set-up how you want to monitor. I use the internet a laptop and a cellphone. 13) I disabled monitoring by calling the company. I also pulled the telephone line out. The telephone line could be replaced by a wireless cellular modem (e.g., LTE), but there is a monthly fee associated with this type of modem (and it might cost more than your current monitoring service). My reasoning is if I can't connect to the security system then someone has cut my cable/DSL connection and is breaking in - I will call a neighbor to check.

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    This is a bit like asking: "Which is better in a car, a seat belt, or an airbag?" They both provide protection, but do it in different ways. And they provide the best protection when both are used together. Alarm systems can detect an intrusion, notify the police and neighbors that an intrusion is occurring, and possibly scare the intruder off before he does much damage. Camera systems are generally used to provide documentation of what occurred "after-the-fact". For example, if someone broke into your home, you could look back upon the recorded images and possibly be able to identify the thief. If properly placed, cameras can also be used while you are home to observe what is going on. In my opinion, the average homeowner would be far better off with an alarm system than a camera system. There are many sophisticated things that can be done with cameras (remote monitoring of cameras from a security station, video motion detection, etc.) but these types of things cost far more than most home owners are willing to spend.

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    This is a good question, and one that has been confusing me for a long time.

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