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Which is more dangerous. Four Wheelers or Dirt Bikes???

i personaly like dirt bikes more. But What is your opinoin?

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    4wheelers are fun, but harder to maneuver, easier to flip em over doing stuff that dirtbikes do.

    I prefer dirtbikes,

    i love my honda.

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    Agreed !! It is the rider not the machine. The machine only does what the rider does ....that being said, I, personally am biased to the two wheel Machines.......I feel that four wheels give a novice rider a "False" sense of security. Four wheelers can also hurt you a lot more if they get away from you and somehow find there way back on you!! (Ouch!) Bikes hurt too .....don't get me wrong but the weight difference is a big factor. Plus it's somewhat easier to get away from a bike than a four wheeler when shiny side goes down and rubbber side up.(not good).

    But with all that said ....rider experience is really the "key"

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    In my opinion neither if the rider is qualified to be on the bike or four wheeler in the first place.

    Most injuries are from inexperienced riders not knowing the terrain. Always always always, know where your riding...before taking it at full speed.

    But if I was to make a choice here, I would say the four wheeler is more dangerous as the rider would have an unrealistic feeling that the four wheels make them invincible.

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    Well, I think that dirt bikes are more dangerous because they only have 2 wheels.

    Source(s): because i said so!!
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    rather the respond is the two because it is going to all come all the way down to how they discovered to experience a ATV or a motorbike, there are ATV and MX rider classes available that practice little ones the risk-free thank you to experience, bear in mind this is the rider not the motorbike that has injuries play it risk-free take the coaching.

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    That's right they are machines.....The old saying goes "Ride the bike, Don't let the bike ride you"

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    definitely four wheelers more moving parts more weight more mass equal more injuries.

    Source(s): 25 years racing two wheelers and have seen my share of four wheeler races to see what they can do.
  • Jamie
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    Neither is dangerous. They are machines. It is the operator that is or isn't dangerous!!!!

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