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what causes throat cancer?

how many years of smoking cigarettes does it take to get throat cancer? what are the symptoms?

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    Trust me you don't want it. My father in law had it. He had a tumor the size of an orange out the side of his neck. The dr told him he had 4 months to live and there was nothing he could do except maybe try to remove his voice box and use a machine to talk. My f-i-l didn't want to live the last 4 months of his life like a freak so he chose to do nothing. He went home and a week later he decided to ask the doctors if he could try chemo and radiation instead. The drs agreed but without much hope. He survived and made it 5 years cancer free before he died from a massive heart attack while snow blowing his driveway.

    The above isnt true. Most smokers esp males from early 1900's and before smoked unfiltered cigarettes which are worse than today cigarettes. Where did you get that information.

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    It depends upon genetics and your personal pre-disposition to cancer.

    My grandpa never smoked cigarettes.

    He would smoke an occassional cigar back in his 20's-30's, but elected to stop.

    When he got throat cancer at 90+ yrs old, he told me that he felt that he got it from the old tractors he used on the farm. He said that the exhaust stack was right near his face, and the wind would sometimes force him to breathe it in.

    I don't know what his symptoms were, in that, he went to the doctor to find out what was wrong. I do know that he passed away at 94, with the loss of his voice box for a couple of years. I think not being able to talk properly wore him out, because he loved to tell his stories.

    Please check not only the web, but go to libraries and bookstores and see what info you can find. Entirely counting on the web for facts these days is not very smart. More info on the web is wrong than right. Whatever your situation is, please do not delay in getting the person you suspect of having cancer to a doctor for a full check up.

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    My father and one of my colleague died six years ago, both of them were heavy smokers (smokers for 45 years) 30 cigarette a day.

    I think smoking for ten years and above it will cause throat cancer,throat cancer effecting the voice until it is become silent and cancer will be distributed in the body.

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    ok throat cancer typically does not come from smoking but can happen if you use chewing tobacco like myself you have a good chance at mouth throat stomach but some of the early signs is if you have little white dots at the back of your throat sign of precancer spots a soar throat that wont go away for months on end trust me on the white dots if you have those go see a doctor not a good sign i know this because my dentist tells me all the time and so does my sister she is a nurse and hassles me all the time even though she smokes

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    No. Oral sex does not cause throat cancer. However, if the person receiving oral sex has an STD (or STI, if you prefer), such as HPV, than the person preforming oral sex may contract it orally, and HPV has been linked to a number of cancers, including oral cancers, cervical cancer, and penile cancers. Basically, if your partner has no STD's, then there is no risk of cancer because of oral sex, or any other kind of sex.

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    smoking don;t cause throat cancer peoples do . some time it may run;s in the family's

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    there is really no set time frame in which smoking can give you cancer. It just increases your odds in getting it.

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    it doesn't take long to get cancer if you smoke as the cigarettes today are more powerful than 20 years ago.

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    chewing tobacco I know does more than cigarettes. But you should still Quit smoking, that will give you lung cancer.

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    the number of years of smoking do not determine when u get cancer... one of the symptoms is a lump on ur neck

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