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How do I find out complaints against my city's police department?

Is there a website or something I can go to to find out if complaints against the police, or even specific officers have been filed?

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    Here is the truth, no matter what the haters want to post here.

    If your city is large enough to have an Internal Affairs Bureau, go there and ask them. IT IS ALL PUBLIC RECORD!

    You can search complaints by type, Officer, disposition and many other ways.

    If it is too small to have such a Bureau, call your states Attorney Generals Office. They would be able to direct you to those inquires.

    If you are even more interested in such stats, contact the FBI. They are responsible for all Civil Rights violations allegations made against the police.

    I am an honest cop and expect the same from my peers.

    This is not secret stuff. It is not on the web, but it is public record and available.

    If you need any more credible information about this, email me.

    Source(s): 25 years on the job.
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    A Citizens Review Board usually keeps these type of record.

    There are some city specific web pages that do list official complaints filed against police departments and specific officers. Anyone can make a complaint and not all complaints are substantiated (no cover up, but some people do make incorrect accusations against police officers or the police officer followed the correct protocol). Also, not all web pages accurately state the facts.

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    Most likely you can find out statistical data in regards to complaints. In other words, a published list (not likely on a website, but maybe in your area) of complaint numbers and a breakdown as to type of complaint, how many sustained, unfounded, etc, etc.

    But I suspect that the more detailed information you seek is not available, because that kind of information is protected. You won't be able to, for instance' find data or be given data on named officers who received complaints, details of the complaints, things like that.

    If your purpose is to collect the basics for the purpose of doing a report or reporting (as a news media does), then you'd have access to it. Juicier stuff, no. If not on the web for that particular police department, you must go to the department and request it.

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    Contact your State Attorney General's Office

    They would have all cases on file against a particular police department in your state.

    Source(s): Me, retired Police Officer
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    Every city probably has its own policy in regards to this. Our police service does not disclose this type of information to the general public.

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    any one can file a complaint, any one ,

    they try and talk you out of it ,

    but if you dont get any where, call the city manger

    or mayor, then the press, if they wont let you

    this is your right

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    They will not reveal it. It is not in their best interest.

    You can try, sending a notarized letter to the department's Internal Affairs division, and claiming to have the right to inspect them under FOIA (the Freedom of Information Act), being public documents. But they will pull excuses to keep them away from citizens. You know, so they can claim that the weekly incidents of abuse are just few and far between...

    Some cases involving police brutality dragged the citizen to court, trying to get access to those documents. Eventually, the police had to make them available because they are, after all, public documents subject to the FOIA laws. But they didn't open their files without an expensive fight, hoping the person would give up in the process...

    Visit the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) webpage, and see if they recommend another way to get into that data.

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    I don't mean to be blunt but let me warn you...I think they already have enough paper in their shredder.

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    You can't because it's none of your business.

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