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My dog wont listen to me. she barks to much at anything. she jumps. she wont listen at all. choc lab and doby?

shes a 10 month old choclate lab and doberman. She jums, she wont listen and barking omg. The barking is the worst. Like today at the park. She pulled and barked at everything and I mean everything. She barks at dogs people. Shes not mean she just barks. And I cant get her to stop. She wont listen. I also have a 3 year old pincher hes a male. They both bark. Its unreal and uncalled for. We live in a upstairs apartment and the main door opens they bark for 10 mins

they hear someon going up and down the stairs they bark. A train goes by they bark. Other dogs they bark. Brianne the 10 months old shes from a shelter. Then chewie hes the 3 year old. He wont listen to orders and he knows outside but u think he will go no. He pees all over the park but he waits to go back inside and poops like just now grr. I love them both but this is crazy I have had dogs my whole life. Why are these 2 given me so many problems. I just want to cry thats how bad it is. Please help me. Eli

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    Definitely get both of them enrolled in basic obedience classes. These will help with a lot of the problems, help you gain control of the dogs, and also get the dogs out where they can see other dogs/people, but in a controlled environment where there are instructors to help.

    For the barking at home, get an empty soda or beer can, rinse it out, put a few pennies or pebbles in it, and tape over the hole. When the dogs bark, tell them a firm "no bark", and throw the can near them, but not where it will hit them. Typically this will stop their barking because they will want to see what it is. As soon as they stop, praise them. This is critical. If they start barking again, have a second can or grab the first one and throw it again. It will take a little while, but they will learn what "no bark" means.

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    There is something called a Barker Breaker. You can buy it on line from Foster and Smith. About $30.00 I think. It can be used manually(you press the button)when dog barks. Sends out a high pitch sound that neither dogs nor people like. I say "No bark" as I press the button. It can also be automatic to siren when dogs bark. On auto it also sirens at any loud noise including you!

    I think basic obedience classes for all of you is a good idea. You sound about at end of your rope. The dogs will be well behaved and you will probably enjoy them. Probably your other dogs weren't this much of a challenge. Labs have a lot of energy and Dobies sometimes require some special effort. Sign up for two classes. One for each dog. That will keep you really tied up for about 6 weeks but in the end it's more than worth it to be able to live peacefully with dogs you love. Taking them to the park to get some of that energy out was great for them. Way to go!

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    Obedience training! You could try a bark collar for the barking. This might help a bit. As far as why your dog poops in the house, well, that's a mystery to me as well since I have a dog who won't completely housebreak. My best wishes for you and your sanity. Don't give up! Those doggies are your family too, there are solutions - maybe some of your answers can help me as well. Best wishes.

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    Enroll them in an obedience class.

    You will learn much more from an expert teaching you in person how to train your dogs than from reading tips on here.

    They are currently in charge of your household.

    You need to learn to take control and be the leader.

    Talk to trainers in your area and take an obedience class.

    You can find trainers at Petco, Petsmart, or independent trainers.

    It is possible to find a good trainer at Petco or Petsmart, one that has a lot of experience and will adapt their training methods to what works on the dog.

    At the very least, go and just talk to a trainer.

    And try a Halti or Gentle Leader for the one that pulls.

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    threaten to make them watch the Dog Whisperer until they behave.

    In the meantime consider some sort of training class. I hear that Petsmart has a pretty effective program.

    Also ( oh geez , I can't believe I'm saying this) take them for more walks. Sounds like a lot of pent up energy.

    You have 2 large sporting dogs in an apartment?!!!

  • you should get a barking collar. what it does is it sprays a sent on the dog that they don't like every time they bark. also if you go to a vet he might be able to help and give you tips.

    Source(s): my friend got one and it worked.
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    Sounds like you need to bite the bullet and take them to a professional dog trainer. They sound like they are in control of you instead of the other way around.

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    O b e d i e n ce T r a i n i n g!!!!

    and maybe a bark collar to help out with the noise.. :)

  • Obedience class.

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