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Do liberals ever consider that their constant USA-bashing is unhealthy for national self-esteem?

I thought liberals were supposed to be big on "self-esteem"?

We always hear from liberals in Education that the way to get a student to learn is to inflate his self-confidence. They believe that the curriculum should be designed, in the words of the National Education Association, to "foster positive self-esteem."


Do liberals want American children to think their country is "bad"? That just doesn't seem healthy to me.

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    Could be.

    A nation does have a collective Identity, IE the Ugly American.

    When you see one of our soldiers playing with children in a foreign country does your heart warm a little.

    When you see millions of people dancing in the street showing off their purple thumbs does a smile come to your face and a tear to your eye not only because you are happy for them but a feeling of pride that our nation helped that to happen.

    When you saw those prisoners at Abu Gahrib in their human pyramid did you feel a sense of shame.

    All of those are part of our national identity and we have both pride and shame.

    So yes when over and over our own people whether they are politicians or professors in the classroom bash us then our national self esteem suffers especially our youth whom need heroes to look up to.

    I don't care if you agree or not I watch it all the time as it happens.

    If you are incapable of these feelings I pity you.

  • Once again I agree with what you are saying.

    Liberals have lowered the standards and are telling the youths and adults of America that being stupid and bashing the people who run the country is popular and okay to do. It is not so much the self esteem of the nation, but more like the way the world views our great nation and the moral identity of the nation, that is declining, not the esteem of the nation. Most Americans seem happy and fine being ignorant to the good things that are done and only focus on the bad things, because it is fun to make fun of things people do wrong. It almost seems as though it is socially illegal to like Bush or to be conservative, because the people who say good things about our president are mocked and told they are close minded morons, when really they fail to give factual examples of why he is bad. I wouldn’t mind so much if they gave really reasons, but they don’t. What they do give, however are speculations and conspiracies that he is evil, or a Nazi, or some other bogus response.

    Now I’m on a rant, sorry, but now that I have begun to rant a little, I realize that the 'mental' health of our nation is at a huge decline. It is sad but true. We live in a nation that putting the leaders on a 24/7 'roast' that they are not willing to be apart of, is merely day to day talk. And when the president does something amazing, he is overshadowed by hate and liberal media portraying otherwise. The moral health of our great nation is declining. save us now, before our country has a fall the likes of which have never been seen before, help out the cause now by taking a stand and telling the truth, the truth 'they' don’t want you to hear.

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    Actually, the "Self-Esteem" theory has been pretty much debunked, even by us Liberals. A lot of really bad people have really high self-esteem. They lack the "Other person" Esteem they need.

    And this is kind of why, I think, we liberals are hesitant to boost our country's self-esteem, especially at the expense of our respect for other countries.

    Now sure, we don't need to praise Iran, Venezuela, or South Korea. And I can't support people who praise "All centuries but this, and every country but his own." But still, as a Liberal, I'd have to say that I get uncomfortable when we shower praise on our own country, and remain ignorant about other countries.

    Of course, during the Olympics, it's USA, USA!

    ps. There, I got through the whole answer without confusing Che Guevara with Hugo Chavez! And I got a Gilbert and Sullivan quote in.

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    Think of pride and low self esteem being at opposite ends of a spectrum. Honest self worth and humility are not on the same scale because they measure a different belief. Self respect and humility come from knowing we face challenges. We give them an honest effort, and results will flow from that effort. Self respect and humility involve accepting our defeats by trying harder and our successes by learning to apply our strengths effectively. Pride comes from thinking we deserve a particular outcome, and that our effort isn't involved. Low self esteem is simply the conviction that we deserve a particular outcome, but the outcome will, we predict, be bad.

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    My perception is that liberals believe the America they stand for, is one that never existed- a socialist nation.

    In their minds, the America our forefathers sacrificed their lives in WW2, to ensure we had freedom, is now evil. The logic doesn't make sense but understanding liberal logic may take a psychiatrists, many people think it's mental illness.

    So, liberals are trashing and attacking America, make no mistake, it's as clear as all 5 of Bill Clinton's STD's. However, liberals think they are trashing a Nazi America because without socialism, America is a Nazi, intolerant society.

    I recall when libs spit on our troops, returning from Viet Nam. They learned their lesson and feign support for the troops and just attack the leaders.

    I suggest libs go to Cuba to get a good idea what their Utopian society is really all about. Fidel will be happy to confiscate their possessions and hold them prisoner in their liberal "Garden of Eden".

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    No in fact it is considered a must. In order to bring about a change in the US that liberals are so desperate for, the first thing that must be done is to convince the people that the US is not a special place, that patriotism is something to be ridiculed and despised. While liberals think that those children failing in their schools need to be given a false sense of accomplishment, the last thing they want is for Americans to see this country as the great and special place it is.

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    Disagreeing with the actions of our government officials is not bashing our country. Its perfectly normal and always has been. It was never considered to be abnormal until recently. It is definitely not antiAmerican. When we no longer are able to do that, we'll be in big trouble. The self esteem you're talking about will plummet.

    Our government officials should always be questioning their own actions. They wield considerable power over 300 million people. Over-confidence is not becoming or desired.

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    Instead of us worrying about the Chinese poisoning us with Lead, we need to look at what the Left Liberals are doing to poison their Minds!...then everyone wonders why they are deciding to kill each other....and their lib teachers are molesting them ....ghee!

    ...When I grew up I was rewarded for good behavior , that is how I knew the difference between right and wrong...the

    Libs never want anyone to be able to make a decision regarding right and wrong.... They are the party of hypocrisy, for sure!

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    No but it might hurt Georgie Porgie Puddin Pie's self esteem. Look at how loyal to their country the Nazi's were. You would make a good one.

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    Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson

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