What are the chances? nurses or doctors only please!?

Just wondering what are the chances of having a heart attack or cardiac arrest at my age??I'm a 21 year old female,non-smoker,weigh 150 pounds,height at about 5 foot 3 or 4.I have a heart problem(don't know what it's called) my heart skips when i drink to much caffeine and get tired.i'm not verry active but i'm going to start walking every night.was wondering what the percentage of people my age having a heart attack or cardiac arrest?? please help..i'm worried..I also have anxiety problems and depression...i take panic attacks.Thanx!

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    You are right, that caffeine DOES increase your palpitaions (irregular/skipped heart beats). Without knowing what kind of HEART CONDITION you have its hard to give you a good answer. I have had a few patients around your age, who have had a heart attack. BUT, they have had serious heart conditions from birth or physically spead up (illegal drugs). Panic attacks CAN also present itself LIKE a heart attack. We see many patients after they have experienced them. It is easy to rule out a heart attack by some easy test.

    An E.K.G : shows electrical impulses of your heart, and is

    done by placing some stickers on your chest

    and READING your heart, which takes less than

    5minutes. The only pain is taking

    stickers/electrodes off.

    Echocardiogram: an ultrasound of your heart. That is where

    the tech. put gel on your chest and

    takes a probe/wand and presses it on your

    chest. (NO NEEDLES).

    Stress test: there are a few different ones.

    Regular stress test is where you will walk/run on a treadmill

    and they have you hooked up to monitors.

    Cardiolite stress test is where they start an I.V. and put you

    under a camera to take pictures of your

    heart prior to exercise. Then you get

    injected, through the I.V., with

    radioactive material, run on the

    treadmill, then go back under the

    camera to see your heart while exercise.

    Persantine stress test is almost the same as cardiolite, but

    for those who cannot run on the

    treadmill. They are given medication to

    mimic exercise.

    Stress Echocardiogram is where you run on the treadmill,

    then get on a table where an

    echocardiogram is done quickly to

    see the blood flow through your heart

    during exercise.

    A 24 hour minitor could also be done as a routine test. You wear a small portable recorder (like an E.K.G. machine) for 24 hours.

    Schedule an appointment with a cardiologist and have them run some test to ease your mind.

    Better to be safe than sorry!

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    You Probably have P.A.C.'s, (Premature Atrial Complexes) or P.V.C.'s, (Premature Ventricular Complexes), possibly episodes of atrial fibrillation, with or without flutter waves. These are not necessarily dangerous, but can be, especially if you alternate between A.F & Sinus Rythm, small clots can form in the pumping chambers of the heart, and then be displaced, causing serious problems elswhere, make sure you are cleared by the Dr. I am sure you are being seen, Heart attacks are rare at your age but not unheard of rhythm problems can be triggered by axcessively vigourous exercise, ,just be guided by your Cardiologist, and dont worry, enjoy yourself, anxiety causes problems too you know

    Wish I were 21 ooo how I wish

    Source(s): Experience on Coronary/Intensive Care Units as a Nurse RN (G)
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    it is not vulnerable to be shriveled yet there is mostly a small risk. Hep C is transferred via blood or blood products , sexual touch,needles. and because there replaced into no seen technique for the virus to circulate into this different persons bloodstream via way of a shrink or beginning, the probability is small. solid success to whoever that's. this individual will could have their blood drawn at seperate periods to be sure to work out if replaced into shriveled. If blood replaced into rinsed right this moment and then thoroughly washed probability is even decrease. additionally, has this individual had all attainable vaccines? Dont beat your self up approximately it , the prospect is notably low if the palms have been washed.

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    Probably not many doctors or nurses doing Y/A...but yes of course its possible at any age, just more rare. You should get checked out if you really have concerns about it.

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