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How are Zero Abec-5 Bearings???!!! please help!!?

hey i was wondering how does the Zero Black Widow Abec 5 bearings hold up?? I currently have Abec 3 bearings. thanks!

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    Black Widow Abec-5's are not bad. If you can go for the Abec-7.

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    I was just reading about bearings at

    Basically is says that the higher the ABEC rating has no effect on your speed. It does, however rate how long the wheel will spin after you stop pushing with ABEC 1 being the shortest amount of time and ABEC 9 being the longest amount of time.

    If you would like to read the article yourself, follow the link above and click on bearings.

    So to answer your question the ABEC 5's will get you to the same place but with less effort than the ABEC 3's

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    if you want better bearings go for Lucky Abec 7

    or for the best! get Lucky Swiss or Bones Swiss.

    theyre all way better than abec 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i would go for bones there affordable and last longer

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