how do public sector businesses use marketing?

how is marketing used in public sector organizations?



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  • 1 decade ago
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    The public sector uses marketing the same as the private sector but they are not as obvious as the private counterparts.

    The U. S. Army TV ads are a good example, and although their "target" market (no pun intended) may be right, I see it as a form of stereotyping: the image of the "volunteer" they seek seems mostly a person with very few options in life or none at all - a farm boy, and other underprivileged minority member.

    All organization need to target the right market sectors for their business, but they also have to be careful not to be offensive or insulting in their approach.

    Most government home web pages are another example of promoting their image. Check them out and evaluate their effectiveness, quality, services being promoted, client sectors, etc.

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