What services does the government provide that are not, or can not, be provided by the private sector?

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Other than law enforcement and national defense Personally, I couldn't come up with anything. And since the private sector is always more efficient than governments, the ...show more
Update : Jeremy B - I've never seen a government employee giving shots. ...show more
Update 2: There are already private individuals that you can hire for for legal ...show more
Update 3: The government contracts private companies to build roads. Toll-ways do ...show more
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If it wasn't for the government, how would you recieve junk mail and coupons every week?

Sorry, that's all I could come up with. Except for junk mail the US Postal service is obsolete.

Also the IRS steals your money more effectively than any private organization ever could.

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Thank you all for the well thought out answers.
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  • 2BusyMom answered 7 years ago
    Public Health, law enforcement, judicial system, roads, water supply, sanitation. Any and all things that are "Public Goods" and do not lend themselves to a market based plan (consumer). How many of you would like to have 911 paid for only when you need it? Would that be sustainable when it was difficult to determine how many emergencies in a given community during a given year? Would we be ok with some of these things "going out of business?"

    I have worked both in the private sector and the public sector. In LARGE private sector organizations there is as much waste or MORE than the government. The best efficiencies I have seen in the private sector is in small business.
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  • malter answered 7 years ago
    You mention law enforcement and defense...and I agree. Addi tonally our court system cannot be privatized nor can our tax system be privatized. The Fed cannot be privatized but must remain free and independent. Our city state and federal legislators cannot be privatized but certainly can be lobbied and bought.

    Some of our federal emergency health services cannot be privatized, Center for Disease Control.

    I personally am a great fan of privatization of government functions even though I'm a retired government worker. I've seen first hand the waste and disregard for our hard earned tax dollar and truly believe that the private sector could do a much better job at a significantly reduce cost than any government agency could do.
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  • Phyllis C answered 7 years ago
    National defense, Civil Servants that are ambassadors to other countries, The supreme Court and our legal System, Public Health, just to name a Few. If those were handled by the private sector they would put their profit margins before the common good.
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  • Jeremy B answered 7 years ago
    Health services to those unable to pay.

    Trash removal to those unable to pay.

    Without these two items, you would have uncontrolled epidemics.
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  • Boomrat answered 7 years ago
    Taxes and the art of raising them
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