Can I apply for a permit with Immigration to travel outside of the USA on Vacation while being under TPS?

I have been under TPS (Temporary protective status) for over 5 years now and I would like to travel outside of the USA on vacation, somewhere like Puerto Rico or the Bahamas but my INS permit does not allow me to leave. Is there a form that I can file with Immigration to request a permit to leave for vacation purposes? Someone please help me!

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    You can certainly ask. It's called advance parole and the form is an I-131. Just be sure to apply for the form and make sure you have it approved before you leave the US, or you will have successfully deported yourself and lost your TPS status. By the way, Puerto Rico is part of the US, so you would be wasting your time and money to apply to go there, and you wouldn't get a refund either. Check out this address:

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    There is a form that must be filled out before people with TPS status can leave the country, and it must be approved before you leave. But the form is only for emergencies. Like if you had a very sick family member that you had to attend to, and that family member was outside of the U.S.

    Emergencies are really the only way to be able to get back and forth to another county legally under TPS. A lot of people lie, just so they can go back to visit family, I wouldn't do that though, why risk your status for a vacation?

    Plus there are a ton of place to vacation to here in the US!

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    why risk it all for vacation, there are many places in America where you can spend your vacation and still enjoy yourself. Better be safe than sorry

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