What do u think i should do???

(he's talkin about his gf here btw)

it not me it's her, remeber the time leah saw and so snoged me when i went to the bus stop she had the nearve to say speak to her and die lol how petty,

she also has a habit of threataning to break up with me to get her own way!

the more and more i think about it...


i tell u what... when i see her next....................? one day when she says i'm going to break up with u if speak to her (me) say no i'll break up with u then dump her on da spot!!!!!! i really do wanna kill her right now! but the thing is if it shows i'm stickin up for u then john(my bf now) will dumb and i don't want that


lol no u like to get there first huh! lol

and btw my sis prefers u to laeh! she said the other day why didn't u stay with amy..i liked her

oh and i think i found why leah hates you so much...i asked u out first! then when u turned me down i went out with her lol

2nd part on the way?



to tell the truth when i see ur sis and chris about i hide cos i think they hate me cos what happ in april??? i really liked ur family and to tell and other truth i wish i didn't turn u down i wasn't thinkin right. when i asked dan(one ov my x’s) out (don't tell anyone this) but i only done it to get back at u?? (for some reason) i was nasty then but now i've changed big time wb

He said

hey i deserved it i was silly to finish us over gaming

NO my family prefer u ur quite... leah speaks her mind too much

lol i think we've both changed it's called growing up ..

arh crap the dog just ran off with something

hey and things happen we can't change it...ithink april was suposed to happen tbh i think it was to warn me of what leah can b like

if u tell anyone anything i say i will hunt you down and dice u then feed u to my dog

(I didn’t send back the next e-mail I had was from him witch says) i think it's best if we stop talking full stop.. :'(

20 hours ago - 3 days left to answe

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    It took me awhile to figure out where your 2nd part was. You should have it all in the same question so that it's together. You can add it in here under additional details...you can do that several times.

    What has he said back after you said that you thought it best that you guys not talk to each other anymore?

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