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Im in an Ag Mechanics class and should i wear contacts while welding.?

I just dont know if i should wear contacts while welding.I want to become a certified welder and go to a railroad school in kansas for welding but i dont want my dreams to be ruined from a ruined cornea. i have researched this topic alot and i am getting contacts on monday the 22.i just need to know if i will be okay.

Both my Metals and my Ag Mech. teachers say i am a pretty good welder, so i got it going for me.

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    Your concerns are based upon an old urban legend that simply won't go away despite years of my profession attempting to educate the public. Most urban legends come from a basic fear some have of technology. The legend goes like this, "I knew a guy whose friend was wearing contact lenses while he welded and his contacts melted to his eyes and now he is blind."

    Well, I assure you that never happened. Contact lenses will not melt to your eyes if you weld. The only possible problems you might notice is if you are overly sensitive to the fumes and gases put off into the air by welding. Contact lenses may absorb some of these gases that dissolve in the tear film and therefore could cause some irritation of the eyes for those who are sensitive to the gases. As long as you don't notice irritation, just wear the appropriate welding shield and you should be fine. Hope this helped.

    Source(s): Me. I am an optometric physician.
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    I think it should be fine to wear your contacts as long as you wear your protective goggles or face shield. As long as you are careful and were the right protective eyewear you should be ok wearing your contact lenses.

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