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Roxy asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



assistant secretary for policy and international affairs---助理國務卿

assistant secretary for fossil energy of the US department of energy in Washington DC--能源部副部長

chairman of the public utility commission of Texas---?

vice president for development and partner relations for the electricity innovation institude---?

attorney advisor at the interstate commerce commission---跨州商務委員會法律顧問?

supervisory trial attorney at the federal energy regulatory commission---聯邦能源管理委員會監委?

member of the Harvard electricity policy group---?

senior fellow with the American leardership forum---?

member of the Dallas regional panel of the president's commission on White House Fellowship--?

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    Assistant Secretary For Policy And International Affairs 國務院主管政策與國際關係之助理國務卿

    Assistant Secretary For Fossil Energy of the US Department Of Energy 聯邦政府能源部主管化石能源(石油、煤)次長

    Chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas 德克薩斯州公用事業(水、電、瓦斯)委員會主席

    Vice President for Development and Partner Relations for the Electricity Innovation Institute 電力供應創新研究院主管發展與合作夥伴關係副總裁

    Attorney Advisor at the Interstate Commerce Commission 美國聯邦跨州商業管理委員會主委顧問

    Supervisory Trial Attorney at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 美國聯邦能源規範委員會監督委員會監審委員

    Senior Fellow ith tThe American Leadership Forum 美國領導統御論壇資深院士

    Member of the Dallas Regional Panel of the President's Commission the White House Fellowship 美國白宮總統委員會達拉斯區域論壇研究員

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