how to shrink clothes. PURPOSELY.?

i got this sweater, but i wanna shrink it. like down two sizes. its a large. but i want it a small. its new. ive only worn it once, i never washed it. its made of 100% cotton.

i also wanna shrink my jeans. they're my favorite pair, but i havent been able/wanting to wear them. i want them to fit better and a bit tighter. its 100% cotton too. well yea its jeans. so how do i wash/dry the sweater & jeans in the washing machine and dryer (machine) to get these to shrink a bit?

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    wash on hot then dry on high! that'll do the trick!

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    How To Shrink Clothes

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    100% cotton will surely shrink in hot water and a hot dryer, just like they say; but a sweater should be dried flat, not in a machine. Check the size after washing before putting it in a hot dryer. Good luck!

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    Wash them in soapy hot water and rinse twice then put them in the dryer on hot heat. This will definately shrink them. I did it accidently and it really shrunk the jeans and sweater.

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    5 years ago

    drying wet clothes will shrink them. high heat.

  • SAK
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    1 decade ago

    Hot water in the washer, high heat temp. in the dryer. Take care.

  • 1 decade ago

    Wash them and then dry them on "high" heat

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