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i have downloaded u torrent but what to do if i want to download new data , i mean how to get the link or any way to star downloading new torrents???????????
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well as all are saying that this is illegal to download from torrent site. but they all are doing same so u can also do that. the site name is www.torrentz.com. there u will see the search bar. type the name of the software or movie or what ever u want and press enter. then u will see alot of similar files but try those files who have Dark full green square box on the right side. means those files have good health to download. after clicking on that file u will se alot of web sites offering ur required file. click on the first one always. from that site clicl on "download this torrent" and save that file on ur harddisk. after that close all web sites. now open utorrent client and click on add torrent. now give it the path of that file which u have downloaded from site and click ok. Now downloading will be started. It depends on the seeds. As many u have speed as much u have download speed. Hope My Answer will HELP U OUT TO USE TORRENT

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thanks dude
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  • T C answered 7 years ago
    You will need to download a tracker file, the most easiest way is to go to your Internet search engine and type torrent. A number of torrent search engines will appear, pick one and use the search function of that page to find the file you need to download, and open it in peer-2-peer torrent program. The program should start looking for available peers to download from.
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  • CHYEAA answered 7 years ago
    theres alot of torrent sites, :P its pretty illegal man but if ur using it for like trailers and stuff its ok but use it at ur own risk. there are plenty of links out there. go on google and type torrent spy <- should be the first link try www.piratebay.org as well. These are good sites to download the mirrors on utorrent. [save and drag it in utorrent] then leave ur computer overnight or something
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  • tjs0067 answered 7 years ago
    I have found the demoniod is the best one to use.
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  • El BrandO answered 7 years ago
    Utorrent and Torrent sites are not illegal. Uploading and downloading copywritten software IS illegal. There are torrent sites you vist, search for your desired torrent download it and open it with Utorrent. it then connects to other people (seeds) who have the same file and downloads from multiple people simultaneously.

    Sites to visit are mininova.org, torrentreactor.net, thepiratebay.org and isohunt.com


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  • pooja answered 7 years ago
    click download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joke
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