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Who owns Menard's Hardware and did Paul Menard ever work there?

is this a family



that's cold mr.


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    John Menard is Paul Menard's father and is the owner of Menard's, a long time sponsor in several racing series. He also owned the IRL team for which Tony Stewart drove to the IRL championship in 1997.

    Tony and John didn't get along very well, as Stewart explains in his autobiography, "True Speed." John wouldn't allow Smoke to race in other series, among other things, and is probably responsible for Tony switching to NASCAR.

    It is no coincidence that Stewart and Menard have a feud going on at the track.

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    Paul was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and hasn't worked for anything. He's played a lot with daddy's money and has been mediocre, at best, in the various racing series he has dabbled in . If not for his dad's (John Menard) backing and guarenteed sponsorship he would NOT have a ride in the cup series. Heck, they had to buy out the points from Ginn's 2 cars in order to get Paul locked into races. I'm not saying that Paul has NO talent, just not near as much as some proven drivers that don't have full time rides right now. Menard's is a family run business but John calls the shots. He pretty much does what he wants and has been fined several times for environmental and zoning violations. That attitude has sort of rubbed off on Paul.

    Source(s): Northwest Wisconsin resident that doesn't live far from Eau Claire, where John and Paul are from.
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    Paul's father is John R. Menard, Jr., has built Menard's from the ground up starting in 1972. Yes, it is a family operation. Paul actually does work at the main headquarters. John is worth $7.3 billion and is number 44 on the Forbes Magazine of the Richest Americans. I am from Wisconsin.

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    Paul Menards father owns Menards. That is why Paul Menard has a job with DEI. - money talks louder than talent in some cases.

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    Hey Mud Wrangler I heard the show also...Smoke is not to happy with Paul I'd say...But then he and John never got along anyway, when Tony drove for him...I think Paul did win a Busch race last yr...but so far in cup his daddy's last name hasn't bought him anything but alot of poor finishes, and DNF's...money doesn't always success..and money doesn't buy talent thats for sure... John Menard is on the forbes list of rich men as well....maybe he can buy Paul some driving lessions with his spare change..

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    Mr. Menard owns it.

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    His dad owns it. Why do you think he still has a ride. He is not that good , his daddy bought him a ride.

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    mr heckles you think paul has no talent? say that again, because he does it takes talent to qualify practice and race. think of all the greats that cant do that anymore, but menard can, i think menard is the future of the support and will be looking to cheer him on, just as i do now

    And you all accuse dale jr of living off of sr's last name and money... look at yourselves.

    Source(s): Look for the Big Bright Yellow 15 on the track EVERY WEEK
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    His Dad. Yeah, and I doubt he ever worked there but who knows? Think maybe he should work there though, he may have missed his calling...

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