Oh how the mighty have fallen?

Well the giant of the North has fallen. Well that is soccer for you. I don't usually come up with excuses but was that even a soccer game?? Not only did Mexico play the most horrible game in like 10 years in a game Guatemala literally handed them the referee was on crack or something. He was disastrous I mean seriously but props to Guatemala who had 3 good goals. And congrats i have a lot of friends from Guatemala and they deserved it. As for Mexico I guess we move on although there is nothing much to learn from this game which was more of a rugby match with red cards flying everywhere


yeah I admitt the last 3 games have been the crappiest ever and there is nobody to blame but Hugo Sanchez

Update 2:

I disagree with them scoring many more Mexico clearly was the one that could have scored more but they didn't

Update 3:

@ David yeah they didn't seem really impressive to me if it weren't for that goal near the end of the game by Bradley the US would have got a draw. And Switzerland is crap you think Mexico is having problems look at Switzerland and they are hosting Euro in a couple months

Update 4:

@Simon Limon we are not talking about the past we are talking about the present. Switzerland is playing horrible they are nothing like they use to be in the past World Cup

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    my thoughts on last nights game....

    i should of went to bed. I live in Florida and the game started at 11 and ended and 1 a.m...and i was mad for like an hour...so guess what time i fell asleep.

    Guatemala surprised me. but Mexico seemed very unorganized. i wanted to scream. Why did they take Vela out the second half...and why was that Ruiz of Guatemala (from fc Dallas) guy such an *** hole. it just goes to show all the talent in the world cannot beat experience...if torrado, Marquez and the others were there would it of been so...caotic...i have no clue...maybe. i mean salcido was there...but then who else ...guardado has played more national games but he is still really young also.

    ....i hope the next game for el tri is one where they seriously redeem themselves.

    oh and to add....way to many red cards...was that elbow really a foul against Arellano (and it sucks that this was arellanos premiere game for the national team)

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  • al
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    1 decade ago

    Had no time to watch this game......but when I saw the result ....was scratching my head a bit but Guatemala is not a team that will roll over and die either.

    Its a friendly.....Its ok to lose these games if your coach was testing out new players / formations.....in preparations for the next big thing which is qualifying for South Africa.

    I just put on Telemundo, they were talking about Mexico not having a scheduled game for the next break.....and that it would break into the Mexican Apretura schedule.

    I would seek for a friendly.....the more any national team plays together, the better they will be in terms of chemistry.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I was thinking the exact same thing (i.e. the question title). We deserved to lose this game and I really have no excuse. I would'nt even blame the ref. But I think that the poor performance mirrors poor coaching strategies.

    By the way congrats to all you Guatemalans on a job well done. If you keep up this level of play then who knows - you might get one of the remaining 2 automatic places for the 2010 world cup. USA is a clear favourite for a place by the way.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hugo must go!!! I understand that he is trying out players for the olympics, but try players that you think have a chance at the seleccion when they get older. Those were the worst subs I have ever seen him make. Also, I'm sure we can all agree that the ref really spoiled this game, but what can you expect from a american ref. Good job Guatemala you derserved the win

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    Our defense needs the more work because they dont know where to go or who to cover. In the mexican team I only give props to Vela who was working his *** off trying to give the advantage to Mexico while the others were acting like they were in a practice game. Guatemala deserved the game because they were playing like if it was a Final match for a cup. Giovanni was no where to be seen in the whole first half, Vela and Villaluz were the only ones working their *** off.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well after Gio and Vela where substituted Mexico started to fall apart and then when Villaluz received the red card that's when Mexico really fell apart and the USA is not the best team in Concacaf Mexico is what really matters is the results you get worldwide not in Concacaf like World Cup ,Copa America , Confederations Cup

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  • 4 years ago

    Poor Michael Jackson

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  • Dog
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    1 decade ago

    I been defending Hugo this whole time but this loss is his fault and no one else's.

    I understand that he came with a bunch of young players to give them the experience they needed, so I knew the game should have been pretty even, but wtf was he thinking taking Vela and Giovanni out after the first half??? He practically gave Guatemala the game right there.

    This was the crappiest game ever for so many reasons and even if they would have won I wouldn't have been happy. Wtf is wrong with the refs? They ruined the game too.

    **To el Negrito and David: do you guys only cheer for the US cuz your own teams suck that bad that they'll never amount to anything, or is cuz you guys wish you could be white boys?

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  • 1 decade ago

    SIMON LIMON!!... nobody said they were mighty overall.. it was said the mighty ones of the north!!! which is true... correct????... ok shut up!...

    anyways... i had to make that clear... moving on...

    no props to Guatemala... I am not sore at all but frankly they plyed dirty.. that foul on Guardado was horrible... the flop of the elbow in the face... the fight with el Pescadito.. they all got a swing at hima dn they pulled hair and stuff.. Mexico was dominating for a good time.. they really were.. plus lets face it people... MEXICO is not trying to win a game against guatemale, ecuador, el salvador... we are trying to win a world cup... we experiment for 4 years so that we can take a good presentable team to the world cup!!!... all these other little countries are stillw orried about winning alll the games using the only player they knkow that are good... Mexico experiments!! and that is a good thing... we all knnow that mexico doesnt do well between world cups but, when the world cups come Mexico does pretty darn good! guaranteed guatemala , el salvador, ect... wont go to the world cup!... ok its a loss but who cares????....i repeat.. Mexico experiments and plays diferent games with different pleayers and different game plans so that when the World Cup comes they are ready and they have disected all the players and all the game plans... mexico is trying to win a world cup!!! not beat unsignificant teams... that take all their best players to friendly games and non important rumbo all mundial games... thats why they dont make progress.. thats why el salvador adn central american teams suck so much!!!!!! notice mexicos line up!!! 70% of line up has been selected for no more than a year... lets not forget ... Neri, Pavel, Ramonsito mor., Marquez, osorno, ect... all these we all know that will go to the world cup... but mexico experiments.. and that is fine!!!! i dont know why we all make a big deal out of it!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    i agree with you. That was the worst soccer game i have ever seen.Mexico played one of thier worst games ever and guatemala took advantage of thier errors.That referee sucked.he didnt know what he was doing and lost control of the game...i hope mexico plays another game in november cuz it will be a shame to go out like this this year.

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