Why do some women like to show their cleavage in public?

What is the purpose of flouting cleavage in public?

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    They want attention. If a woman were truly confident she would not see a need or have the want to flaunt her body. She would know that her fully covered body is not only still very beautiful but also very respectful to herself and those around her.

    It should not be about being ashamed or being scared into hiding your body. It should be about respecting yourself more. It should also be about general respect to the public.

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    What is considered sexually appealing changes with the times. In Victorian times, women could show their entire breasts, including their nipples but could not show their ankles because it was considered that only loose women would do so. In the 1920, skirts above the knee were a huge issue for society.

    There has been quite a few questions on here lately about the "need" for women to "flaunt" their cleavage. This issue is somewhat amusing because it's just a part of revolving fashion trends and not an issue of concern. People now consider breasts to be a highly sexual organ and so showing them off is somehow taboo. Eventually, breasts will go the way of ankles, knees, collarbones, elbows, ect. and it will no longer matter. Breasts are just flesh and fat...nothing to revere or be ashamed to see or be seen.

    Source(s): Choices are easy to make, even the most difficult of choices is made in the span of a heartbeat. It is coming to terms with the results of these choices which can take a very long time, indeed.
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    We like to because we bloody well can! Why do some men go out in public without shirts? Why does anyone ever bother to make any impression about themselves in how they dress?

    I've got breasts and they look great. Why should I be afraid or ashamed to show them in any way whatsoever? Because some men are too stupid to see beyond them? Sorry, their stupidity is not my responsibility. Because some people think breasts are things that we should all, male or female, be ashamed of and try to hide at all costs? Again, sorry, but not my system of beliefs.

    Cleavage, geez! Fear of cleavage is about an inch away from the Victorian era and the fear of seeing or showing ankles and wrists. Women's bodies are not something that we should learn to be ashamed of, especially not if we are women.

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    4 years ago

    Hon, regardless of you been smokin', i pick sum! women individuals putting their cleavage on exhibit in basic terms does no longer study to adult adult males being waiting to instruct their privates. Breasts as erotic is a cultural element. there have been many societies the position women individuals's breasts weren't lined, historic Crete and maximum hunter-gatherer societies, as an social gathering. yet there have been no societies of which i'm conscious the position the non-public aspects of both sexes were on exhibit. and easily asserting that that is in basic terms "older women individuals" who attempt that is easily incorrect. in basic terms watch the Grammy Awards, for crying out loud! Your agism is showing. and no individual is making you watch something. in case you don't like the way different women individuals exhibit their cleavage, do not look!

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    Some women don't do it purposely. There are some who have big breasts and a small body frame. It's hard to find shirts that cover up their entire chest area while fitting nicely around their waist. Sometimes it's much easier to show a little cleavage than having a really baggy shirt. Still, there are those others who like to show it off simply because they have it. It's kind of like men showing off their cars...there's really no purpose, but they have a nice car so they want to show it off.

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    Displaying cleavage to a degree with honest intent is not wrong at all. Most men like looking at a woman with nice cleavage even if they are not going to sleep with her.

    Just like a man likes to show off with a sports car this is a womans way to feel virile powerful and in control.

    In moderation there is absolutley nothing wrong with it .

    We are social creatures that thrive not just on sex but sexual chemistry .

    In general it is more socialy acceptable for a woman to show off her body .(with the exception of going bare breasted in public )

    Ask yourself if you saw 2 butt naked streakers on 2 different days far apart from each other.(lets say a period of 6 months)

    1 was a male and 1 was a female .(both average looks not ugly not gorgeous)

    The 1rst thing you would think about a guy streaker is he is a pervert and rapist.

    A woman streaking would have all the men wanting to sleep with her and cheering her on.

    A womans sexualty or appearance of sexualty is power plain and simple.

    The power to command mens attention wether she wants to sleep with them or not .Cleavage is a tool .As with all tools there is nothing inherently wrong with using this tool.

    As with all things moderation

    As with all things it is in the way that you use it

    My biggest pet peve are woman who get b1tchy when you have a deer in the headlights moment .These woman are using there breast as a power trip.

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    to take them babies out for a spin.similar to how some men take their beloved hot car or truck or motorcycle out for a spin to attract attention, some women take theirs out to attract attention and to get some fresh air:-D sometimes wearing bras is exhausting lol and keeping that sportscar locked up in the garage isn't being fair to the car.

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    1 decade ago

    Goes back thousands of years a natural way to attract the opposite sex to procreate...a sort of look at me and my mammaries I can suckle those babies...most women nowadays of course don't even realize why...

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    because it gets attention and makes them feel good when people notice they have nice or big breasts

    i dont intentionally show mine when I'm out unless its at night at a club or a wedding/party because you got to show what you got

    some women have only their breasts, some nice legs etc

    it gets attention and many like this

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    Some are showing off their newly enlarged breasts. They spend thousands of dollars to get silicon bags put into their chests and want to show them off. That's one way to tell if a woman has fake breasts. Those with naturally large breasts aren't nearly as eager to show them off.

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