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SHUT UP ABOUT KOBE BEIN TRASH hes not a ball hog at all.LOOK!!!!! and oh well if he thinks he is good he is?

kobe averaged

31.6 ppg and 5.4 apg


joe johnson 4.4 apg 25 ppg

ray allen 4.1 apg 26.4 ppg

jason richardson 3.4 apg 16 ppg

ben gordan 3.6 apg 21.4 ppg

lebron james 6 apg 27.3 ppg

jason terry 5.2 apg 16.7 ppg

j.r smith 1.4 apg 13 ppg

rip hamilton 3.8 apg 19.8 ppg

stephan jackson 3.8 apg 15.5 ppg

t-mac 6.5 apg 24.6 ppg

marquis danials 1.3 apg 7.1 ppg

cuttino mobley 2.5 apg 13.3 ppg

mike miller 4.3 apg 18.5 ppg

d-wade 7.5 apg 27.4 ppg

michael redd 2.3 apg 26.7 ppg

randy foye 2.8 apg 10 ppg

vince carter 4.8 apg 25.2 ppg

rasual butler .8 apg 10 ppg

stephon marbury 5.4 apg 16.4 ppg

jj redick .9 apg 6 ppg

andre iqudale 5.7 apg 18.2 ppg

raja bell 2.5 apg 14.7 ppg

brandon roy 4 apg 16.8 ppg

kevin martin 2.2 apg 20.2 ppg

manu ginobili 3.8 apg 16.5 ppg

delonte west 4.9 apg 12.2 ppg

juan dixon 1.5 apg 9.6 ppg

gordan gireck 1 apg 7.8 ppg

caron butler 3.7 apg 19.1 ppg

what a hog?


see what i mean someone always gotta say somethin only 4 shooting guards had more assit but still he is screaming for the ball back he says.....


Update 2:

yeah but he has 2 more assits then j rich a game and you know kobe averages 5.7 rebounds per gamejason richardson averged 5.1 rebounds a game get your facts straight

yeah there alot of haters in this world

but you all want him on your team

Update 3:

and kobes feild goal percent was .463 no other guard had a percent that much and if he shoots soooo damn much lol it wouyld be lower

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    Kobe know he good as hell like kayne west nobody cant tell him nothin

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    Dude quit trying to put stats up that are meaningless. You put Jason Richardson up but he averages 6 boards a game. He's not a ball hog either look at how many shots each of these players take a game and you'll see a huge difference between Kobe and the next guy. It's proven that Kobe hogs the ball deal with it!

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    You come prepared with facts. Don't you know haters never let facts get in the way of a good rant?

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    Yeah, what those stats don't show is every time Kobe passes the ball, he is screaming for the recipient to pass the ball back. Sometimes they don't, they shot and score and he gets pissed because he got an assist instead of two more points.

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    A hog is a bigger version in the pig family.

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    wow your not a lakers fan by chance.... either way Kobe can play for my team any day

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    hey suspendedagain300, i think u were talkin bout tracy mcgrady not kobe.

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    well said

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    who cares..

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