Were immigrants "uprooted" in the United States?

From the beginning of the united states to now. Were people from other countries uprooted to come here? did they have a say in the matter? if so, which group came to america and why?

what happened to them when they came?





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    All the following and more will answer most ifnot all of your questions : - Slavery in the United States

    USA History: Slavery in the United States. Slavery to Freedom. The Grand Slave Emporium ... Short History of Slavery. Frederick Douglas. Bury the Chains - 73k - Cached

    Wikipedia: Slavery

    Encyclopedia article dealing with the history of slavery around the world, including sections on abolitionist movements, apologies, and reparations.

    Quick Links: Etymology - Definitions - Other uses of the term - 128k - Cached

    Slavery in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The history of slavery in the United States (1619-1865) began soon after the ... By the end of the 17th century slavery was far more common in the Southern - 176k - Cached

    WWW-VL: History: United States History: US Slavery | Middle Passage, Underground Railroad, Narratives, Nat Turner, ...

    WWW-VL: USA History: Books on Slavery in America. WWW-VL: History: W3 Search Engines ... WWW-VL: USA History: Online Books on Slavery in America - 13k - Cached

    Spartacus Educational: The Slave Trade

    Features slave accounts, the slave system, events, women's anti-slavery societies, legislation, and American anti-slavery - 53k - Cached

    Voice of Slavery - 25th March 2007

    ... abolition of the slave trade, there are still millions of people in slavery. ... Kevin Bales: Founding Director, Free The Slaves USA - 9k - Cached

    Report: Slavery, related abuses growing worldwide

    ... Slavery, related abuses growing worldwide By Mark Memmott, USA TODAY Slavery and ... than any decline in traditional forms," such as war-related slavery in Sudan. - 30k - Cached

    spiked-politics | Article | Slavery reparation: why now?

    ... eight years after slavery was abolished in the USA, what's behind the movement ... It is only in the USA that slavery reparation has become a serious possibility, - 40k - Cached

    Slavery - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

    Slavery in the United States began when the White Man, jealous of the ... Slavery became one of the USA's biggest fads of the 18th and 19th centuries, as - 30k - Cached

    About the International Slavery Museum

    Background information and history of the International Slavery Museum ... of slavery and the slave trade on Africa, South America, the USA, the Caribbean - 10k - Cached

    hope these links are useful

    Source(s): the web and school and books etc.,
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    The word uprooted implies they're here out of duress. Other than the poor people that were taken as slaves and brought here centuries ago, most of the immigrants wanted to come here. People came from all over Europe, mainly to Ellis Island. They were processed there and then moved on to different cities and towns. Most of the accents came from the immigrants mixing their language with English. Most of them left their cultural imprint on the places where they lived. You can still see the Italian and German influences in a lot of neighborhoods. You asked a very interesting question. It would be fun for you to do some research on the subject.

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    The word 'immigrant' means to come into a country, so your question should be 'were immigrants uprooted from their native lands to .............' The circumstances were different for almost all countries, but mostly they were allowed to leave to find jobs and to relieve poverty conditions in their native lands. In Ireland there was 'the great potato famine', in Germany there was tyranny under the Kaiser (and later under Hitler), in CANADA, football with only three downs, (if you can imagine,) etc.

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    Back when America was discovered and Plymouth was settled. Many groups of different people came from London, England. Many who were seeking freedom saw America as a place to go. Plenty of them had "a say" in the matter, all the people that came to America wanted to come. I'll name one group that i just read about, The pilgrims; "newcomers" to the Indians. The pilgrims wanted to spread the light of Jesus Christ to these wild Indians. I guess the language of the pilgrims was English. On their journey to America the ate all their food. When they settled in Jamestown they had to scrounge for food, after several battles with the Indians they came to a reckoning and signed a peace treaty and the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to hunt, fish,and plant. The Pilgrims only neighbors were the Indians. Its hard to answer when you say "which group came?". Plenty of groups of people came to America seeking a new life and foundation.

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    many were 'uprooted' by economic pressures like not having jobs and literally starving to death. An example of starving to death were the Irish in Ireland during the potato famine in the mid 1800's -- millions died there, but many millions also survived by coming to the U.S., where they took the worse, lowest paying jobs and suffered much discrimination for decades and decades. But they survived.

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    There were no immigration laws at that time, so no one was 'illegal' because they didn't break the law...There ARE immigration laws now, and people who break those laws are criminals committing illegal acts, as well as all of the other crimes a person has to commit in order to be here illegally (fraud, forgery, identity theft, theft by deception, tax evasion, driving without a license or car insurance, etcetera), but liberals try to ignore that fact...or act like they don't understand it...

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    Ask the Americans (the India's that no longer exist) they can tell you what the white men (not one of them American) did and how they lived and what they did. I promise it won't be pretty when you find out. Everyone in America is an Immigrant if your great, great, great grandfather was born in America then perhaps you have Real American Indian blood in you.

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    Yes some from England and Ireland were taken from their jail's to bring them here and Australia the others were deceived with fake promises !

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    Features slave accounts, the slave system, events, women's anti-slavery societies, legislation, and American anti-slavery - 53k - Cached

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    sounds like you have to write a report for school.

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