Those in power killed the electric cars several decades ago. Those cars were only available for lease, could be driven on the freeway, could go for quite some time without needing to be recharged...they were good decent cars that could be used to commute with. Now they've come up with some new electric vehicles that are not nearly as efficient. I think some only go to 35 miles an hour. Why???? The only one decent enough to drive costs a ton. Why???? I'm just so frustrated that the technology exists and yet we are not utilizing it! Please tell me what I can do to own a decent, reasonably priced electric vehicle that I can drive for long distances. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Actually many electric vehicles only go 25 mph right now.

    With the exception of the Tesla Roadster (which costs $100,000), the best EV on the market right now is the ZAP Xebra. It can go 40 mph, but just 25 miles per charge.


    However, this will soon change because battery technology is advancing. Electric vehicles will soon be using lithium ion batteries which will extend their range and top speed.

    The ZAP-X Crossover and ZAP Alias will be coming out in 2009. The ZAP-X will go up to 155 mph, 350 miles per charge, and cost $60,000. The Alias will go up to 100 mph, 100 miles per charge, and cost $30,000.


    The Miles Javlon will be similar to the Alias - coming out in 2009, top speed of 80 mph, range of 120 miles/charge, and cost of $30,000.


    The Phoenix SUT will first only be available to fleets, but in 2008 or 2009 will start selling to individuals. It can go 90 mph, 100+ miles/charge, but will cost $45,000.


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  • 3 years ago

    the in basic terms element eco-friendly about an electric powered automobile is in how eco-friendly you generate electricity. If the electricity you charge your automobile with comes by technique of way of an oil burning generator, the idea is absurd and whimsical. The wish is that wind or image voltaic skill might want to compose the grid, even though it isn't sufficient to do it at cutting-edge state of tech. till electricity is eco-friendly, please do no longer force an electric powered automobile! that is safer and more suitable environmentally conscientious to purchase the 100mpg engined autos for gas. gas is an amazingly proper gas for autos. Refinement is coming up and exhaust has organic scrubbing ability on particular highway feldspar and porously grooved rubber tilestone

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  • 1 decade ago

    The market "killed" the electric car, not "those in power." No one wanted a slow and very expensive car. Despite what many people believe, economics is what drives this country.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you really believe an old electric car is that nice, just buy a used one.

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