My mom isn't letting me be a veggetarian, what do I do??

I really dislike eating animals or anything that involves meat. My mom says I can't not eat meat. I feel sorry for all those animals that get killed for people to eat! There's alot of different stuff to eat like Salads, Fruit, Bread etc.. What should I do to let my mom let me be a veggetarian??

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    Firstly, I would just like to say that you have some really ill-informed answers on this thread. Animals do suffer during the meat production process and they do feel pain and fear. Modern farming processes are designed for profit, not for animal welfare. By becoming a vegetarian you are doing something positive to ensure that you are not a part of this suffering. Good for you.

    With regards to your Mom, I would stick to your principles. Try teaching her about nutrition. I have listed websites below which have loads of information about how you can get a perfectly healthy diet, without including meat. There are also a number of great books and other literature on the market. The more you know on the subject, the more you can answer people who don't know what they are talking about. Your Mom simply needs to learn and is probably fearful that you won't be healthy. This is natural for any parent. Try to make a deal with her, you will show her how you CAN be healthy as a veggie and if you can do that, she can let you have a vegetarian diet.

    When I became veggie I was 11 years old and Mum reacted much as yours has, but I showed her how determined I was and eventually she came around. After I'd been veggie for 8 months it was christmas and she said I had to eat turkey because it was christmas dinner. I was so upset that I was crying and after that she didn't mention it again.

    Good luck.

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    Do research about vegetarian diets and show your mum that it's a healthy way of living. Cook her a vegetarian dinner and tell her the information as she's eating. It will probably impress her.

    What a lot of people will tell you is to just pick out the meat. Don't listen to that. When I first became a veggie about two years ago, I just picked all the meat out of meals and ate what was left. The result was becoming very sick and having to get a lot of blood tests done. I had anemia, which is when you don't have enough iron in your body and you become very weak and lightheaded all the time, and if it gets really bad you could die. I had to take disgusting pills for months to get myself healthy again. So make sure you eat a lot of soy products and tofu and make sure you're still getting all the nutrients you need. That's probably why your mum doesn't want you to be a veggie. Show her that you can create a meal that is still very healthy.

    I recommend Boca products and Morning Star. Boca burgers are delicious with cheese and ketchup, and Morning Star soy bacon is one of the best things I've eaten.

    Good luck!!!!!

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    try talking to a doctor, nutritionist or school nurse to see if they will explain the facts to your mum. The only people who say meat is good for you are the ones selling it, most health proffesionals nowadays would disagree. They cant make your mum stop feeding you meat, but they could explain to her that it's healthier for you not to eat meat and there's loads of plant protein sources such as nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, tofu, soy and more. Dark green veg is more rich in iron than meat and contains as much calcuim as milk. Do some good research and present your mum with the bare facts about nutrition - leave out the animal cruelty and don't get into a heated debate. The animal cruelty is the reason I don't eat meat, but most meat-eaters will stop listening as soon as you go there, however a parent will probably listen to credible facts about their child's nutrition and health.

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    What a great choice you are making. Educate your mom on vegetarianism if possible. There are lots of cheap vegetarian meals and ideas. Plus, as you said, many things we eat are already vegetarian like salads. Corn tortillas with beans and tomatoes or veggies are cheap. Check out some books from the library... you may want to print out an article or two for your mom. Seventh Day Adventists (a Christian group) are vegetarian and very healthy. So are many Indians (millions and millions of people)... You can do it.

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    There isn't a bunch of animals being killed just for you, there are a lot of people eating them.

    I know vegetarians don't like the idea.

    Well, peanut butter is protein and not animal.

    Food animals are raised specifically to be butchered for human consumption, just like trees grow to be made into furniture.

    I bought some beef this summer that was raised by a teenage kid in 4-H. They raise these animals with care so they can get top prize at the 4-H fair. Then if they get top prize, their animal sells for a good price and they get the money back they spent on raising their animal. It is a competion.

    Animals have no feelings, they do not know they are going to be eaten. They just stand around eating all day because that is all they know how to do. They are just dumb animals.

    Your mom knows what is best for you.

    Young people need protein and amino acids to grow strong bones and muscles.

    If you still want to be a vegetarian when you are in your 20s and are fully matured, that would be better.

    I have a feeling when all the young women who are vegetarians get old, they will all have osteoporosis.

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    Let me guess, she said that you're a growing girl and you need to eat meat in order to get protein. Well, that isn't true because there's lots of protein in vegetables.

    Anyway, you should lie and tell her that meat makes you sick. It makes you feel dizzy, or whatever kind of symptom that would make it sound like eating meat is life-threatening to you.

    Or you could research and try to prove that eating meat causes Cancer. Everyone seems to be afraid of Cancer these days.

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    do it anyways. i was 15 when i decided to stop eating meat. my dad didn't really take me too seriously then 2 years later he was finally ok with it and actually buying me vegetarian foods. but anyways. go on strike until your mother changes her mind. just push away any meat that she give you... go to the kitchen and make a peanut butter sandwich or some cereal... make a statement and don't give up. good luck to you!!!! iv been a vegetarian for 7 years and i love it soo much! well im a vegan now...

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    Sit down with her and tell her that this is what you want, read up on how you can still get your protein and everything you need. And show her that you can. She probbly does not want you to become one because she is worried about your health. My mom actually sat down with me, gave me some information on how to be a vegetarian, and told my docter that I am one, and the doctor gave me more information and a packet. My mom understands my choices but my dad not so much.Hope I helped. Good Luck!!!

  • First, how old are you? Second, you may have no choice but eat what your Mom is serving for now, but once you are an adult the choice is yours....but I suggest you research the vegetarian diet and if you choose it, do it properly. It must be balanced with foods that replace what you will be lacking from a meatless diet....

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    How old are you?

    Honestly, have a mature conversation on why she has a problem with it. If you research your nutritional requirements and are willing to cook your own meals, it doesn't make much sense for her 'not to let you', especially if you're willing to pay for your own food products. If you can't pay for your own food, suggest she buy cheaper veg foods - beans, veggies, that sort of thing, not expensive meat analogues.

    If that doesn't work, well - I guess you wait til you're fourteen and get a job.

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