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Is Borax toxic to children?

Our dogs brought fleas into our house and I bought borax to put down on the carpet but before I put it down I need to know if it is corrosive or toxic to my daughter. She is only 2. I will have to figure out some to get her out of the house while I put it down and let it work if so. Does anyone know?


I know that it is used as a laundry booster and you can wash kids clothing with it, but it would be diluted and rinsed out if you washed clothes with it. I have sprinkle the actual powder on the floor to kill the fleas and my daughter will be walking on it and around it, undiluted.

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    It takes as little as .1 grams per kilogram of a child's weight to be lethal. That would be a small enough amount that they could easily eat that much. I would consider it to be very dangerous to kids. It would probably not be very dangerous on the rug. I have used it before and walked on it afterwards in my bare feet and it didn't damage the rug.

    "..Boric acid, sodium borate, and sodium perborate are estimated to have a lethal dose (LD50) from 0.1 to 0.5 g/kg in humans..."

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    Borax Toxicity

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    Unfortunately I don't have definite literature that will give you an answer either way, but I can tell you quite confidently that, safe or not, the borax won't completely get rid of your flea problem. The safest way to go would be to go to your vet and get some flea meds for your kitty. Some of these are quite expensive, and they cover a range of internal and external parasites. My animals are all on a product called Revolution (selamectin). Not only does it get rid of ticks and fleas, but it is also a preventative treatment for fleas (adults and eggs), sarcoptic mites, ear mites, heartworm and many intestinal parasites. It's also a very safe product to use. If you're looking for something that's a tad less expensive but still very effective, I would go for Advantage. It's a few drops of liquid that are applied monthly to the back of the animal's neck (VERY easy to do!). Most vets do require the animal come in, but usually it's just to get an accurate weight (which doesn't cost anything). Once the animals are on Advantage used every month, then your flea problem should virtually disappear! Fleas live on animals, so without animals to live on, they won't be in your house. Both Advantage and Revolution are very safe. I'd keep your child away from the cat for a few hours after you apply the medication, just in case. Maybe you could apply it when your child goes to bed. Anywho, I hope that was helpful! Good luck in achieving a blissfully flea-free home! :)

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    If it were me, I'd remove the pets and the toddler from the house before using Borax on the carpets.

    (I found this on a borax toxicity site.)

    Boric acid and borax are commonly used in ant traps and for cockroach control.

    Boric acid and sodium borate (borax) is potentially toxic to people and pets. However serious poisonings in humans have been reported very rarely from a single acute ingestion. Serious toxicity is more likely with repeated exposure to raw or abraded skin or from repeated ingestions. I am not aware of any reports of toxicity in the avian species from exposure to boric acid or borax.

    Boric acid/borax used to be widely used in dusting powders and in a borax and honey preparation that was given to teething infants on their soothers. These preparations are no longer recommended for use in children.

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    Is Borax toxic to children?

    Our dogs brought fleas into our house and I bought borax to put down on the carpet but before I put it down I need to know if it is corrosive or toxic to my daughter. She is only 2. I will have to figure out some to get her out of the house while I put it down and let it work if so. Does anyone...

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    Yes, it can be toxic to children, particularly through mucosal membranes. Here's the MSDS from JT Baker -- this is the same stuff as powdered borax, just called by its proper chemical name:

    It does not break down in the environment, so I'd suggest a different method of flea control unless you intend to leave her out of the house +/- permanently.

    Personally, I'd put Advantage or similar spot-treatment on the dogs and an IGR like Nylar down in the house. IGRs are extremely low toxicity to humans, but prevent baby fleas (and roaches and a number of other pest insect species) from growing up to be reproductive adults. I use a concentrate that's mixed with plain water and sprayed on baseboards, rugs, etc.

    every 6 months -- $8-10 to treat 1500 sq ft if you buy it by the ounce container at a farm store.

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    You know I just went to the Borax site and there is a warning to keep it away from children, even though it gives instructions as to how to wash baby clothes with it. I really wouldn't take a chance myself and would not let her in the area where you apply it. Kids that age put their hands in their mouths a lot and I just think ingesting it may make her ill. (You can check out the site yourself)

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    5 years ago

    Yes I have the best hint for you Use White Vinegar it is the best all purpose cleaner/degreaser that can be used all around the home inside and out and it is safe to use around pets and children and is gentle to use on all surfaces even use on your laundry it will remove odors and stains and remove the residues left by detergents and will not cause any allergies and is touted as being the best disinfectant in the world and it can be used both diluted with water or undiluted and still is safe to use everywhere even to clean your cars Good Luck !

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    I use to clean floor with hot water and mr clean.

    I have noticed that you have to use hot water for it disolve. Cold water just make it clump in ball.

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