Why are lesson plans important?

Opinions please & thanks!

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    The word PLAN is key. Without planning you are flying by the seat of your pants. You will forget things and your students will know that you aren't prepared. ALWAYS have a lesson plan and a backup lesson plan.

    A lesson plan says that you are organized and knowledgeable - and that is a good teacher. A lesson plan tells your admin that you are doing your job, you are well trained and you know what you are doing.

    No lesson plan = a very long day.

    ALWAYS have a lesson plan.

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    A lesson plan is your road map. Without it, you can take wrong turns and lose sight of your destination. Lesson plans aren't just for teaching academic content. They also can teach behavior skills. Check out these lesson plans that actually train youngsters to be prepared students and to manage social and emotional problems. Like any good lesson plan, they have a goal, materials, steps, and a recap at the end. Many lesson plans include handouts (view some at the link below.) Once you reach the page link shown below, click on the individual book titles to see behavior lesson plan samples: http://www.youthchg.com/lessons.html. If you are a teacher or youth worker, you can receive additional free lesson samples and handouts by mail and email at the site at this link: http://www.youthchg.com/guest.html-- all samples are completely free to youth professionals like teachers.

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