Taiwan colonisation?

I'm supposed to research the colonisation of Taiwan for Social Studies.. but i can't find anything about the gouvernement of the economie before it was colonised. So... if anyone knows anything about that, it would be great if you could share!

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    With all due respect, Pagan Dan's comments contain a lot of "common misconceptions." To clarify this --

    1. Taiwan was a colony of Japan from 1895 up to April 28, 1952. The "surrender document" is not a legal basis for the transfer of the title of territory between governments. The transfer of the title of territory must be specified in a treaty.

    2. The period of Japanese control over Taiwan is not properly termed "occupation." Having been ceded to Japan in the 1895 Treaty of Shimonoseki, Taiwan was within the territorial boundaries of sovereign Japanese territory after 1895.

    3. The Republic of China (under Chiang Kai-shek) was directed to go to Taiwan to accept the surrender of Japanese troops by General Douglas MacArthur. None of the Allies recognized any transfer of the territorial sovereignty of Taiwan to the ROC upon the Oct. 25, 1945, surrender of Japanese troops.

    4. After the surrender ceremonies, the ensuing military occupation of Taiwan by the ROC is being conducted on behalf of the "conqueror" and "principal occupying power" -- the United States of America. Hence, at the most basic level, the status of the ROC in Taiwan is as a "subordinate occupying power."

    5. In mid-December 1949, the ROC moved its central government from Chinese territory to occupied Taiwan, thus becoming a government in exile.

    6. Hence, the ROC on Taiwan is (a) a subordinate occupying power, beginning Oct. 25, 1945, and (b) a government in exile, beginning mid-December 1949. There has been no change in these statuses to date.

    Hence, returning to the original question regarding the colonisation of Taiwan, it would most likely be assumed that this is referring to the Japanese colonial period.

    Information on Taiwan history in general is available on the following websites --






    (If you see garbled content, it may be because a webpage is written in Chinese, and your computer does not have Chinese system installed.)

    While the above website references may be useful for researching the Japanese colonial period, and previous eras, nevertheless please be aware that there are two prominent schools of thought (which are both heavily biased) on pro-Taiwan websites in regard to the post-WWII development of Taiwan's legal status up to the present day:

    (1) Taiwan has already developed into an independent sovereign nation. (This is the "Taiwan independence" agenda.)

    (2) The ROC on Taiwan is an independent sovereign nation, but part of "One China," and hence should be united with the PRC at some unspecified date in the future. (This is the "Unification with the PRC" agenda.)

    In fact, both of these agendas are in error. As the US Executive Branch has continually pointed out: "Neither Taiwan nor the ROC is a state in the international community."

    As outlined above, the ROC on Taiwan is (a) a subordinate occupying power, beginning Oct. 25, 1945, and (b) a government in exile, beginning mid-December 1949. There has been no change in these statuses to date.

    Taiwan itself is an overseas territory under the jurisdiction of the United States Military Government (USMG) and the US flag should be flying.

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    I would suggest that you, Phil, check the facts. It is you who is spreading untruth.

    You said:"The return of Taiwan to ROC is fulfilled according to the Cairo Declaration by the four Allied Nations."

    The Cairo Declaration was a radio address.

    It wasn't signed.

    It wasn't even written down.

    You're trying to say that such a flimsy thing can determine the fate of the 23 million people of my country? My people?

    If radio addresses and speeches have such astonishing power to transfer sovereignty, the world would be a confused place indeed. Heck, I think I'll make a speech today and transfer China's sovereignty to Iceland.

    I suggest that you humbly and with an open mind, check the real facts, not just a bunch of propaganda from the internet.

    Look at the relevant treaties. The ROC do NOT hold title to Taiwan's territory.

    The one's who do, should be held accountable for their irresponsibility!

    It should be noted that the Treaty of Taipei does not transfer the sovereignty of Taiwan to the ROC. That treaty was signed on April 28, 1952. Japan had already ceded Taiwan when it signed the San Francisco Peace Treaty on September 8, 1951. Japan cannot transfer sovereignty of something which they no longer possessed.

    The USA is named as the Principal Occupier in the San Francisco Peace Treaty (see article 23a). No subequent treaty has changed this situation. The ROC is not party to the San Francisco Peace Treaty at all. The signatories included are the following:

    Australia, Canada, Ceylon, France, Indonesia, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Republic of the Philippines, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America.

    Not the ROC

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    People sometimes use the term "colonization" loosely. Taiwan was a Japanese colony from 1895 until 1945. China ceded Taiwan to Japan in a peace treaty after a short and disastrous war, but got it back in 1945. The surrender document signed on the USS Missouri required Japan to give back all lands taken in war. Taiwan was briefly ruled from Beijing from 1945 until 1949, when the defeated Nationalist Chinese under General Chiang Kai-shek retreated to Taiwan and continued the Republic of China--at first as a government-in-exile. Now, Taiwan is a de facto independent sovreign nation, but Beijing thinks that it is still a Chinese province and wants it back.

    There should be quite a bit of information out there about the Japanese colonial era, or the Japanese occupation--it depends who you ask.

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    Taiwan was colonized by the Dutch(and Spanish) in 17th. century. Even France had Keelung for 1 year in 1884.

    I suggest Coordinates-TW do more fair and honest research before spreading lies over the Internet.

    The return of Taiwan to ROC is fulfilled according to the Cairo Declaration and Potsdam Declaration by the four Allied Powers. The Emperor of Japan announced their "unconditional" surrender and accepted all demands by the Allied Powers. Therefore, China(ROC) recovered, not occupied, Taiwan and Machuria from Japan. There is no basis to fly U.S. flag over Taiwan.

    To Jean, you need to do your homework. ROC(Taiwan) signed a treaty with Japan in 1952 called "Treaty of Peace" and it states clearly that people on Taiwan are citizens of ROC. And, by signing this Treaty with ROC, Japan recognized the legality of ROC on Taiwan. Did you purposely forget about this treaty? Is this how you define "open mind"?

    In Japan's Instrument of Surrender, Japan accepted the provisions in Potsdam Declaration which includes the Cairo Declaration. The broadcast agreement of Cairo Declaration is as good as gold and has been carried out. Don't compare yourself to the Allied leaders.

    You can argue how precise or vague a certain statement is but you can't change the truth which is that the ROC government took over Taiwan from Japan after WWII and is still effectively operative on Taiwan. No countries in the world, including Japan and U.S., disputed the legality of this event back then. The ROC passport is accepted throughout the world, except mainland China.

    You said "The U.S. has never transferred the sovereignty of Taiwan to ROC." Since when and how the U.S. acquired sovereignty of Taiwan? Through occupation? Then, ROC definitely has the sovereignty of Taiwan since ROC has been "occupying" Taiwan for 52 years. Or, show us any "treaty"(in your definition) says the U.S. acquired sovereignty of Taiwan. Japan announced their surrendar to the "Allied Powers"; not just the U.S.

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    Hmm... I am starting to feel ranty. Its ON! (BTW bad wording of the question- 'colonization' is really an inflammatory concept.)

    If I had access to a large enough population of useless heroin addicted monkeys who could type whatever I told them to, I probably could create and falsify enough evidence to prove that Taiwan owns both America and China and Europe to boot, and that I actually own you ALL and that you owed me 'service charges' for my wisdom, then I could create my own laws proving that my claims are all true too! The typed word is essentially a venting mechanism as i am proving to you right now. its all BS.

    My advice to you is everything written in the last 60 years about Taiwan is a lie. It was a lie told to keep a bunch of soldiers with guns who left their home in line to give them the false hope of returning to their families. That also explains the work 15 hour day ethic as well, keep the minions busy so they cannot think for themselves. Thats why it's convenient for both China and USA if we shut up and keep doing their dirty work isn't it.

    The only thing thats real is we have DO have guns and a growing number of long range missiles. We also happen to have access to nuclear plants and really could do some damage to Shanghai and Beijing IF WE WANTED TO- essentially if they did something stupid like invade. We don't like China's current government (who really does, honestly!). China's government also has guns, and doesn't like anyone openly standing up to it and not pretending to kowtow to it like the rest of the cowards who are fascinated by shiny old dead things like fascism are. We would feel kind of bad about slaughtering and really being slaughtered in turn. That would be a pointless waste of both sides infrastructure, but may help alleviate the population problems of both of us (temporarily) in the long run. Woot! Greenhouse emission reduction plans! Long lineups of refugees for Japan, India, Mongolia, Russia, USA, China. More slave labor for all! No wonder nobody wants to support a place that can take care of its citizens through civilized trade. They can change all those free people into slaves so they can 'compete' against the inferior quality and cheap prices of junk available from the ecological nightmare that is China. What a GREAT idea! Lets ALL be like them! What a great place it is! An economic wonderland! It just smells funny and needs to import food and water now. Thats a GREAT plan for development eh!

    In the short term, China should shut up about Taiwan and admit Taiwan as a country to the UN, if any of the crap the diplomats spout about helping humanity and rights is actually TRUE. Then Taiwan can continue doing all the REAL work for developing the next generation of solar power and saving your ungrateful asses, while China can continue sucking all the greedy morons who are willing to be slaves for them into it and producing lead laced toys and cardboard dumplings for all your children to get sick on. Perhaps they may change, but a single party government without a free press that appears to like to stick its head in the dirt about its own problems rather than fixing them- hmm, I dont know who I would trust more...

    Idiot Americans who think they own a place but cannot even speak the local language should stay in their suburban houses , continue getting fatter and living in their Japanese created fantasy world playing their Nintendos and PS3's. I dont think many would be able to locate Taiwan on a map and I would not expect their marines to really care much when we do go down in flames due to their leaders lying, backstabbing and selling out their own countries interests for access to the finest hookers in China and the best slave made golf courses that used to be some peasant guy's method of supporting his family on. Yep, thats your leaders people.

    Support Myanmar's monks, Tibetan monks and boycott the morally bankrupt Olympics. Thugocracy is not something to give money to. If you really need cheap clothes get yourself a farm and do it your own damn self. Probably I should for that matter, instead of wasting typing time on idiots with bogus claims.

    My rant is over. Ignore at the price of your own stupidity and conversion into a dogma slave. Probably I am guilty of that myself now but whatever. It works for me.

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