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Concrete Mix designs?

Could anybody give me a math theorem used to mix generic concrete designs.

I.E Length x breadth x height type theorems


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    When you are refering to the mix design you are talking about the ratio of , and type of materials used to batch the concrete.

    Concrete is a mixture of:

    Portland Cement, or some other sort of cementitious material




    When you mix these components together the cement reacts with the water to form a crystalline structure that bonds the aggregate together.

    Your formula is similar to the one used to figure out the volume of the concrete so that you can order the proper amount of material.

    The primary design parameter for concrete is the strength. This is measured, in the United States, in pounds per square inch (PSI). Depending on what the concrete is going to be used for you can order concrete with a strength as high as 9,000 PSI. There is even stronger concrete.

    Different additives can add to the workability and strength of the concrete.

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    Usually if you are discussing concrete mix designs, you are talking about the components that go into the mix, like aggregate, cement, admixtures, water, etc. This would have nothing with length and width of the pour your trying to make. If that is all your interested in, you are just trying to determine the volume of the pour so you can convert to cubic yards for ordering the concrete.

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    Yes, there is a specific stone named Porphyry, but that's not what you are asking about. Also, there are many porphyritic rock with similar properties as Porphyry. Porphyry (Proper name of a certain rock) porphyry (igneous rock with a large degree of difference between particle sizes) "porphyry" in terms of concrete design refers to the texture of an igneous rock with large crystals and smaller ones. There are many many rock with these qualities, to many to list all. This term is commonly used when a particle's size, strength and geometry are fundamental to the strength/cohesion of a matrix. "porphyritic aggregate" is generally the term used in UHPC Concrete design or the shortened version "porphyry". Usually this term is followed by a particle size. For example porphyry 1/3 referring to a matrix of particles with a size of 1mm and 3mm. or between 1 and 3 mm.

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